Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Freebie Alert

Get a Free PharPoint T-shirt! Hey guys.. If you like getting freebies as much as I do.. Well click on the link to get a free T-shirt! Go HERE... 

Free Equate Women's Feminine Care Sample Kit HERE

Free Sample of Friskie's 7 Cat Food HERE

Sign up for Tablespoon to get instant access to over $240 in coupons HERE 

That's all I have time to list right now.. I will share more when I get off work!!

Bye for now... xoxo

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Great Finds on the Wish App

Hey guys! I hope everyone is recovering from Christmas overload! lol.. And I hope all of you guys out there had a great Christmas with your loved ones.. Mine was, well kinda Meh... I had to work a 12 hour shift on Christmas Eve... So Christmas day was spent recovering and trying to get woken up good.. Oh the life of a Third Shift Worker.. Can anyone relate? 

Anyways, the topic of my post is the Wish app or Wish.com.  Have you ever used it or heard about it? Well I hadn't until my daughter told me about it.. Then I looked up some reviews on it through YouTube of course.. It has mixed reviews.. But from what I have heard as long as you read the reviews that people leave before you buy an item, you should be ok..

Well I found some great deals.. I mean really inexpensive, cute deals.. I couldn't believe the prices.. So I ordered a few things to see what's up.. Now, i'm playing the waiting game..lol.  From what I've heard it takes quite a while to get your items.. Some up to like a month.. But that's ok.. Because the items that I ordered, i'm not in a rush to get..

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My ELF is here...

Yay! I'm so happy! Wasn't going to post anymore tonight... But I couldn't help myself..

I had to run out real fast to the convenience store.. And decided that I had better check my mail.. My real mail. As in snail mail, before I came into the house.. (I kinda have a bad habit of letting my mail build up, then checking it.. lol) Anyways, there she was all smushed up in a pile of magazines and bills... My ELF order!! Oh, happy day!! (can you tell I get excited over makeup?) 

I love ordering makeup from Elf.. It is so affordable.. But I'm sure yall know that already.. anyways, I was so happy that I had to get on here and show yall what I ordered.. It wasn't much.. I usually only order a few things each payday if I can afford to.. Seeing as how they are so inexpensive.. It's my go to place especially for cosmetic brushes, etc.. Well I have been wanting some pretty highlighter.. And I really needed to update my eyeshadows.. (they are so outdated)..

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Are you ready for Christmas?

Hi guys! Are yall ready for Christmas?  Boy am I cutting it close this year.. I still have to get out and buy the presents I am going to buy.. I hate when I do this! Procrastination is MY middle name!!! I hate that about myself!

I am off work this evening.. Running around the house like a crazy woman trying to get it together last minute!! I have to work on Christmas Eve and that is when my family does our Christmas Thang.. lol.. My mom always has everyone over at her house on Christmas Eve and she goes all out with the wonderful food and deserts.. Then we all sit around and pass out presents.. And laugh and cut up and just have a wonderful time together.. I hate that I am gonna miss that this year!!

So I have to make it up to everyone on Christmas Day.. I will be so sleepy from staying up and working all night.. So it's gonna be a tiring day.. I always dread this time of year.. For me it's a lot of stress building up, but when the day is here and you are with your family.. I think it makes it all worth it!!!

Anyways I hope all of you out there in the world tonight are not stressing too much with the big day looming ahead of us.. Just remember, when it's all said and done.. It will be worth it to just be with your family and share the love you have for each other!! Feliz Navidad and all that good stuff!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

My Happy Planner and ME

Hey yall.. Just thought I would show you what I have been doing with my Happy Planner that I love so much.. I have made journaling cards for it, paper clips, printed off tons of stickers, made some lil to do cards.. etc.. You name it I have been doing it lately with this thing.. I am so happy with my planner.. That you know me I have to share it with everyone.. Check out what I have done so far in these pics: 

And last but not least I finally made myself a basket to keep all my supplies organized.. Well it will do until I get a nice one.. but here is a pic of it  
How do you keep your planner organized.. And do you decorate it? I am a beginner "planner girl" for now.. And am just learning to make it pretty.. But I really do use it to help me organize my life and especially to "remember" things.. If I don't write stuff down, I will FORGET about it fast.. So.. I guess that comes with getting older.. lol.. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my pics of my planner.. And I will talk to you all soon!! Hugs and Love sent your way!!  xoxo  :)  Amy

Organizing Your Desktop

Hey guys! Here lately I have been messing around with PicMonkey and making all kinds of cute designs and collages.. Well I found this awesome way to help organize my desktop for my computer thru Pinterest using PicMonkey.. I have to say I think it looks awesome..

Here is what my layout looks like... Then all you have to do is organize your icons in the appropriate sections.. Here is a pic of my layout... 

I found the tutorial for it here at  I heart planners ...She goes thru it step by step for you in a video.. And makes it really simple to do.. This is for Mac users I think.. So I will list another link for PC users HERE..  Her site is called Moritz Fine Designs   Very awesome website.. Both of these Blogs are awesome.. I can't wait to explore them more..
Here are a couple of screenshots of my desktop with some of my icons organized.. I am loving it so far..


Sorry the shots are a lil dark.. I don't know what is up with the lighting in my bedroom.. must be too dim.. anyways.. Just thought I would share.. I really like this idea.. Go on over to these wonderful Blogs I linked to and check it out for yourself.. These ladies do awesome work and I am so glad I found them on Pinterest..

That's all for now.. Hope you enjoyed this lil post.. And I hope it helped you in some small way.. I know it did me.. I hope you have a great day today! And I will be back to post some more great ideas for organizing and what-not when I run across them.. And I would love for you to share any and all organizing tips you get with ME!  Bye for now!!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Frugal Living at it's Finest

Hey yall!! You know I'm all about living frugally and making sure I don't spend too much money each payday.. Well some of my items came in the mail that I got GREAT deals on and just wanted to share with yall..

I got my ELF products today.. yay!! I have been waiting on this setting powder that I LOVE!! It makes your makeup stay on all day long.. I especially need that for work.. Here's a pic of my ELF products that I ordered..
I can't wait to try the ELF SHIMMERING FACIAL WHIP!! That's one I haven't tried yet.. But if you guys are looking for a face powder that really sets your makeup and lasts all day.. You should really try the ELF PERFECT FINISH HD POWDER.. It's translucent.. plus it's only $6.. This is my second time ordering it.. So it is def becoming a staple among my makeup..

And then I also got a YERDLE package that I have been waiting on.. I ordered some indoor tanning lotion. Only paid 5YERDLE $$ Dollars for it.. and I think like $7 for shipping and service fee that YERDLE charged me.. still better than like $30 bucks at tanning salons.. Its a brand new full bottle.. Here's a pic of it.. It's called Australian Gold "Scientific Velocity". has bronzer in it.. Can't wait to use it tonight when I tan...
Sorry the pic is sideways!! URGH.. that's the way my camera imported it on my computer.. Anyways, just wanted to share with you some of my items that I received in the mail.. I love getting goodies in the mail.. I will be doing a blog post on some more cute stickers and journaling cards I found on Pinterest.. So I will talk to you guys soon!!! Hugs and Kisses from Me  

Friday, December 4, 2015

Podcasts Anyone?

Hi guys! How is everyone doing this evening? (this day has flown by for me).. I hope everyone is doing well.. I was laying here relaxing, thinking about work in the next few hours... Kinda dreading it, but kinda not.. Might as well get it over with, eh?

I haven't done too much organizing or cleaning today.. Just kinda resting before I have to go in and work the next 12 hours. Third Shift takes a lot out of me and has me totally messed up anymore. On my days off, I am up at all kinds of odd hours in the night.. Usually researching things on Pinterest or Google.. Watching video's on "How To" on YouTube.. etc, etc...It is not rare to see my lights on all throughout the night.. With a full pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen. Oh, I know.. i'm weird that way.. Thus the life of a third shift worker.. Us Night Owls...

Anyways, the title of this post is Podcasts.. So, let us talk about podcasts.. I was laying in my tanning bed a couple of hours ago.. I have my handy dandy "laptop" of course beside me on a side table.. I decided to use my computer for entertainment instead of my stereo while I aimlessly lay tanning.. So I pulled up IheartRadio.. And they have some very awesome Podcasts you can listen too.. I had no clue.. I mean am I seriously behind the times or what.. It was amazeballs!!! I could literally listen to my favorite subjects while I lay around.. I was tickled..

One that I found that wasn't on IheartRadio.. Well it might be but I didn't know how to search for it.. lol.. I just found her on a site.. Anyways she has some pretty killer podcasts.. and it was on A SLOB COMES CLEAN .. She has oodles and oodles of podcasts on time management.. (which I so desperately need to get better at) cleaning, decluttering.. organizing.. you name it.. It's there.. Love, love, love her site. Give her a listen.. you will be glad you did..

And then on my IheartRadio... I listened to a station under podcasts called "Pratically Posh".. Wonderful lil show.. Oh I love it.. it's a "Smart Girl's Guide to a Glam Life".. their motto.. and it really is.. It is jammed packed full of practical advice and tips to help you Glam up your life.. Without spending a fortunte.. Gave me some really great ideas and inspired me during my lil tanning session today..

Just wanted to pass along the goodies that I ran across.. I love finding sites and listening to Podcasts like these.. Just really gets the inspiration vibe juiced up real good, ya know.. What are some of the great Podcasts that you listen to?  and do you listen to Podcasts?? I always love listening to Dave Ramsey.. Man, I wish I was that good with money!!!

Well gotta run.. Time to get ready for work and go make that all mighty dollar $$$.. cha ching.. lol.. I wish!! one of these days I will have a better paying job.. But for now, at least I am working.. And the job I have is rewarding when it comes to helping other people.. I just wish they paid better. They really should considering..But I won't list my gripes here! I will RESTRAIN!!! lol.. Have a great evening yall!     

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Some Cute Stickers for my Happy Planner

Hey just wanted to post some cute stickers I just printed off for my "Happy Planner".. Of course I got these FREE off the internet.. went to Pinterest and typed in Happy Planner Stickers..

I am very pleased with the results and can't wait to start using them in my planner.. I will link the pages so that the designer gets the credit of course..
These first one's are for an Erin Condren.. They are beautiful pics and quotes.. But I decided to try them in my Happy Planner.. See what you think... HERE  is where can get the download free and it also credits where I got mine from.. it is from Get S'Moore   (THANKS!)

sorry its sideways.. lol.. And here is the next one I got.. I only made like 1 copy each, but will definitely be going back to get more.. I love Pinterest... So many great ideas.. So little time.. lol.. The next one I got from Felly Bee and you can get yours HERE .. Here is my pic of what it will look like.. oh I love it.. so cute..
And there are oodles more on Pinterest for Free.. Thank you to the above Blogs for being so generous to post these for us planner and sticker lovers out there!!! I can't wait to start using them in my "Happy Planner".. Hope you enjoy these....                            Tootles,

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Days are here with my new "Happy Planner"

Hi gang.. Just had to let yall know I got my "Happy Planner" by MAMBI (me and my big ideas) today in the mail.. Oh I love it. It is so pretty!!!!

I got it off of  Blitsy (my referral link) .. for a grand total of.....$15.94.. Can you believe that price?? I think that is way better than paying $50 for most planners.. If you are a new customer to blitsy you are supposed to get $10 off your first purchase.. that is how I got mine so cheap.. It was originally $19.99 minus $10 new customer discount then add $5.95 for shipping.. = $15.94... you cannot beat that price.. Here is a quick pic.. I will load more pics of the inside later.. I'm so happy with it.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Cool Biz Workbook

Hi all.. How are yall doing today? Me, i'm making it I suppose.. of course I am awake and up moving around and it is 1:45am my time (east TN time)... You know how it is if you work 3rd shift.. lol

Anyways, I have been looking at all kinds of fascinating blogs that have really given me so much inspiration.. One of my favorite blogs (well hers is a multi-million dollar business) is by a woman that I just found.. her name is Leonie Dawson.. She is in Australia.. Oh she is so INSPIRING.. I just love reading her blog, watching her videos.. I could spend hours there..

Well she has a free workbook that you can download off and print.. I downloaded mine, but have yet to print it.. It's a "Free Biz and Blog Star Workbook".. So far I am really enjoying it.. It is very inspiring to me and I thought that maybe someone out there that might, just might be reading this blog would like to have it also.. I will post the link HERE . To get it free all you have to do is give your email..

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Even if you don't have your own blog or maybe you are thinking about making your own blog.. I think you will enjoy Leonie.. She is such a free spirit and beautiful person.. I wish I would have found her years ago..

She has lots to offer this world. I wish I was as creative as her.. she is just a person that I think everyone can relate to.. She is offering Life Planners, and Biz Planners.. And also a Biz Academy.. I can't join her academy as of yet, because I can't afford it.. But maybe you can..

Just wanted to share.. And I hope you enjoy her as much as I do..
If you have known about Leonie and use her products, how have they helped you?
I hope you have a wonderful day today and wish you nothing but joy and happiness!! Lot's of Love sent your way.........     Amy

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I got my YERDLE package today!!

Hi yall.. I ordered some uniforms for work thru Yerdle and they came today.. Oh and I love them.. They are in great shape.. And the best part is I only had to pay $2 for the shipping..

I got 3 whole sets (tops and bottoms) and 1 scrub top.. they are pretty too.. :)

Here's some quick pics..

I am very happy with them.. If you haven't checked out Yerdle yet.. You really should.. If you are not into buying used things.. There are items on there that are still in the packages brand new also.. It doesn't bother me to buy gently used items.. As long as they are in good shape and not nasty.. It really helps fill my need for wanting to shop when I am supposed to be on a BUDGET!! And I really needed a change up on my scrubs.. I have been like wearing the same 5 scrub sets for WAY TOO LONG now!!! lol.. so I am so glad I found these on there.. Only had to shell out 40 YERDLE dollars.. which is just like points.. and $2 whole whopping dollars for the shipping.. I am HAPPY with my purchase.. Is anyone else out there using YERDLE?  If you are holla at me in the comments..

Ok well gotta run.. My daughter is coming to see me.. Have a great day everybody!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bringing back the old to give me some INSPIRATION

I just found one of the many binders that I went printable crazy with a couple years back.. As I sat there going thru it, I was amazed at how much info that I had saved.. And I am so glad I did because it has given me INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION to get myself back on a routine.. And start tracking my finances, start getting more organized.. It has made me want to get up off my butt and CLEAN!!!  I so need too.. Third Shift BLOWS CHUNKS sometimes.. Anyways, I thought I would share with you a few pics of my cute Binder that I made.. any and all printables that I show you I will reference..                    This is the cover of my binder(it was supposed to be a budget binder, but as you will see I got carried away and put all kinds of stuff in it...teehee) This was from 2014 and it is from JUST A GIRL AND HER BLOG    ain't it purty!!!   :)

 The next  page (pic) is a weekly cleaning schedule that is blank and you fill in.. I put mine in a clear plastic insert.. it's lovely on cardstock too makes it more durable.. I got this one from SUPER MOM CHALLENGED   if you want this one, you will probably have to look in her archives or type it in her search bar to find it..
 This one is a daily TO-DO list also from Super Mom Challenged...
 This one below is a cleaning-organizing calendar...It is filled in for you.. It is from CLEAN MAMA .. This printable that I have here is from 2013.. But I didn't know it but she has updated her site!!! And now has THIS MONTH of NOV. 2015 up.. you can get some really great printables there you guys.. oh you will love them.. please go check her out.. I am going to have to get back on my printer...lol  This one I can't remember where I got it.. But I did come up with the idea to add visuals to it by cutting out my favorite articles and putting with it. Most of the articles came from HGTV.. always great tips on there..
This one I just printed out and took some colorful markers and filled in stuff that INSPIRED me at the time.. I love looking over these old LISTS.. because they INSPIRED ME THEN and they are INSPIRING ME NOW..
the one above is just an article about turning your clutter into cash.. I was trying to teach myself how to be better with money..
I LOVE THESE CUTE LIL PRINTABLES I FOUND AT the36thavenue.com   I printed them on cardstock and then stuck them in an insert.. love love love them.. or you could put them in a frame in your kitchen.. that would be very CUTE also..
  JUST SOME RANDOM IDEAS and PICS I thought I would share with you.. there are so many great BLOGS online.. not enough time in the day for me to go thru all the one's that I love.. that's why blogging is so cool.. you can share so much with everyone out there.. I hope you enjoyed my pics for today.. maybe later I will post some more to help give you some ideas to put in your planner or binder.. This was when I was making homemade binders because I couldn't afford the FILOFAX or the ERIN CONDREN.. well I still can't.. the only reason why I ordered the HAPPY PLANNER was because I got it on sale on Blistly.com 
anyways I am rambling again.. gotta run.. and get some stuff done before work.. I will update you in the morning when I get home.. have a great day yall!!!

Some Cool Organizing Printables

Hey yall.. Long time, no see.. Been busy with work and other things on this end.. Ok I have found some cool printables and blogs that I thought I would share with yall.. I am going to incorporate these in my everyday use and try to get my butt on some kind of routine..

I found these on pinterest.. They are saved in my pins HERE  

If you are in need of a 2016 calendar I would check out  Just A Girl And Her Blog. I printed mine out today, they are so beautiful and colorful.. too bad I didn't have color ink today.. so I had to print mine in grayscale.. but they will still get the job done.. and when I get some more ink, I can always go back and print again if still available.. Here is a pic of mine.. I hope you can see it ok

The next one I printed was from Me and My Big Ideas.. It's a free printable for the Happy Planner that I just ordered and am waiting on.. Another one that is beautiful, but my pic will not do it justice.. You will see what I mean when you go to her blog.. Color really does make it POP... But with that said here is a pic of mine  These are sidebar columns for the Happy Planner.. I'm sure you could use it in any planner...

And the MOTHER of them all was found on Blooming Homestead  She has graciously provided a whole Free Printable Kit to make your own Home Organizational Binder.. There were 28pages in all. My printer started acting up on me so I printed the cover sheet to show you.. But like I said it really doesn't do it justice until you see it in color on HER page.. So def make sure you check out her blog.. I love it.. I wish I was that talented to make my own printables.. one of these days I will.. ok here is the pic of the cover
So very pretty and FREE.. So those are just 3 examples of some of the great blogs that are out there.. That are so generous and offer wonderful products and their valuable tips and tricks to help us all out.. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do..
What are some of your favorite organizing/cleaning blogs that help keep you on track or motivated? Drop me a line in the comments, I am always on the lookout for new blogs to follow...
PS.. I have a ton of free printables on my pinterest page HERE  They are under my board titled "Pretty Printables"  Some of them might be out of date, but there are oodles to see and print that I am sure you will love...
 Ok that is it for now.. I will be following this post with a post showing you some of my cool printables in a binder I created and used last year/year before.. I just found it again.. and it is chock full of awesome articles, printables, you name.. things that I am happily reading and going over again to give me some MOTIVATION!! You know me and the PROCRASTINATOR that I am.. I really am.. I can't wait to get my HAPPY PLANNER and put it to use.. When I get it I will post a pic.. cannot wait.. ok tata for now!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Life Of a Third Shift Worker

Hello all.. It's been a few days since I have posted.. Sorry about that.. I have been off the last two days.. I am trying to catch up before I have to go back to work tomorrow..

Working this shift is very tiring. The first day I am off, all I want to do is sleep seems like.. I get off at 6am.. so I try to come straight home and go to sleep but it never happens.. it usually takes me about an hour to unwind from work.. Then once I do go to sleep I sleep forever.. I am so lethargic when I do wake up that I don't feel like doing anything.. so that first day off I literally do NOTHING.. except veg out, lay around, eat, and just feel like a zombie..

Today is my 2nd day off.. And of course last night I was wide awake from 3am on.. So now it's 2pm and I still haven't accomplished anything.. I have got to get in some kind of routine.. this is like a total life-suck..

I know, I know, enough whining and just do something about it.. I am really going to work on it.. my to-do list is so huge.. urgh!! but I will get some kind of something done today if it's just getting my uniforms washed up for work tomorrow..

Anybody out there work 3rd shift like I do? And if you do, how many hours do you work a night.. I work 12.. it's really starting to bring me down too.. I have been doing online searches for ways to make extra money from home.. but are there really any legit ways to make extra?

That would be nice, because what I am getting paid right now just isn't cutting it.. I need something part time to go with my full time to get ahead.. that's bad.. anyways, I will try my best to put up some pics later.. I just really am so dis-organized today.. Thanks for reading.. and hope everybody is having a great day  :)     love, Amy

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Free Scarf from Ford (Pretty)thru HSN

Hurry   Go to Freebie Shark and grab you a free very pretty scarf thru HSN compliments of the Ford Company.. I just ordered one for myself. There is no shipping.. You do have to put in your payment info.. I just used an old card that had a couple of dollars on it.. But you do not get charged a dime..

It says will arrive in 3-5 days.. When I get mine I will post a pic.. But if you want yours, you better go as soon as you read this.. I'm sure these will go fast!!!


Thrifting on a Saturday

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great day today. It is a beautiful day here in East TN. My boyfriend and I went out thrifting and looking around.. Found a cute little basket and a very nice jewelry box.

Then we went out to eat at KFC had the buffet, it was pretty good.. We got a couple of bags of candy just in case we have Trick-or-Treaters tonight.. Kirk is planning on going and watching the TN game with his buddies.... So I am thinking about tackling this house and getting some organizing done tonight.. I really need to.. Bad!!! I am on my new laptop that Kirk got me.. I have to say I like this one.. It is really fast.. Just have to get used to it..

Oh I got another goodie in the mail today.. I got a sample size Secret Clinical Deodorant.. Wasn't expecting that.. So far from allure.com I have received a full size Cover-girl Mascara, a trial size Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner. And now my little Deo.. Do the happy dance...lol...:)  It's bad when you get happy over freebies in the mail.. But I love getting freebies and samples.. They are out there, ya just have to know where to look!!!

I need to get on the ball with my couponing.. I have a ton of inserts, but right now everything is so dis-organized where I have been working so much lately. That is on my to-do list for tonight also.. That and cleaning the house.. And just trying to get something done around here.. I have slacked off in the cleaning dept.. And it shows.. I won't let anyone come into this house until I get it cleaned back up again.. That is gonna be my major chore for tonight..

So just wanted to say hi.. Might go dumpster diving tonight with my gf too.. Never know.. Take Care and Lot's O' Love sent your way!! Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rainy Day Wednesday

Well it's another rainy day here in East TN.. Getting ready to head off to work.. Just wanted to drop by and check in.

Me and my gf from work got out last night about 2am and went DD'ing.. Didn't find anything but had fun together. We are gonna keep at it until we find something. I am in a lot of DD groups on Facebook and you should see the pics these people post of their hauls.. I want! I want! lol..

I shipped all my yerdle shipments off on Tuesday. Got an email from Yerdle telling me they had canceled two of my orders because I didn't get my shipments to UPS in time.. Ohh! That made me mad. Anyways, I sent them a nice little email back explaining that yes I did get my orders there on time. And finally when they saw that I had I finally got my points where I "gave" my stuff away. I was starting to get really upset and started to give them negative feedback. But all worked out, so I can and will probably use them again to get rid of unwanted stuff.. Or I am thinking about just posting them on facebook in the online yard sales.. Does anyone ever do that?/ The online yard sales?? I love my tanning bed that I got off of my local online yard sale.. been using it every other day so that I don't get burned.

Anyways, gotta run and get ready for work! Hope everyone is having a great evening!! Hope to hear from you soon..

Take Care!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Yerdling

It has been one busy morning.. I got off work at 6am.. I knew I had a dr apt at 11am, so I decided just to sit up and go to the dr and try to get my Yerdle stuff shipped..

Well I had to go buy some boxes.. Hit Target up and bought a couple of boxes.. Spent about $8 bucks on boxes and washi tape.. Finally got back to the house and started packing these boxes to get out so that the people that bought my stuff can actually get their packages on time.. Man there is a lot more to this than I thought.. It's not that I'm lazy or nothing, but after working all night long.. I really don't feel like staying up and packing boxes then gotta go find the UPS store around here!! lol.. Which I still haven't done..

So, anyways I think I will let my procrastination win on this one and just take the packages to UPS tomorrow.. Of course the last day that I have to get them out!! But I am so tired and sleepy, that I have to get at least a couple hours of sleep in..

Here's a pic of my thrown together packages.....   
look at those shabby looking packages..
I think next time I will try to get them out earlier and find some cute designs to throw on them.. Those pretty much look bad.. But I guess it's all about what's inside that counts!!! lol..
Anyways, gotta catch some ZZZZZZZZ's.. Have you tried YERDLE yet?? It's fun... well I like the shopping part best.. but I think I will get better at the "giving" part once I get my butt in gear and stop procrastinating..
P.S   bought me some cute washi tape too to spruce up my filo-fax that I got thru Yerdle.. I like it.. it looks like watermelon colors 
OK.. well I will get back online in a lil while.. Enjoy the day and thank God for all your Blessings!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

'Tis the Season

Lord this weather change has killed me!! Here I go off to work sick as a dog.. Throat sore and coughing my head off... I dread the next 12 hours..

I just wanted to say hi to anybody reading.. I am off the next two days, but have so much to do.. I hopefully can get all my Yerdle Shipments to UPS on time.. I have to find our local UPS store and hope everything goes smooth.. I will let yall know.. The labels that I printed out from Yerdle, well let's just hope they work.. that's all I am going to say... If they don't work like they are supposed to then I will not be using them again..

I will update with pics and let you guys know.. For now I have to jump off here and get ready for work. Wish me luck! I am going to need it tonight.. I hope everything goes ok..

Have a great Sunday out there in cyberland!!


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Couponing At Rite Aid

Well I couldn't resist and had to run to Rite Aid and do some couponing.. Of course it was the LAST day of the weekly sale.. And just about everything was cleared out..

But I did get lucky enough to get the Playtex deal and the Loreal Mascara deal that I was wanting.. Spent a little more out of pocket than I wanted to, but had Plenti points to cover the biggest of it.. The way I calculated it I was only supposed to spend like $8 bucks oop but I ended up spending $12 and getting $11 back in PP'S (plenti points)

Here is a lil pic of my deals that I got for today Saturday Oct. 24th

Not too bad for just getting back into couponing and re-building my stockpile..
 I got 3 Pantene's they were 3/$12  used a $5/3 coupon making them $7 for 3 got back 300 pps($3 in pps)..

 I got 4 boxes of the Playtex Sport Tampons for 2/$7 used(2) $3/2 coupons.. so it was $14-$6=$8..  .. got back 600 pps ($6) so ($8-$6=$2).. good deal on those..

 I got a Loreal Mascara for 40% off and used a coupon I got thru Rite Aid facebook.. the mascara after the 40% was $4.97 used a $3/1 internet printable making that mascara $1.97!!! great deal on Loreal!!

I went ahead and got the Buttercream HairColor just because I needed to color my hair.. It was 4.99 and I used a $2/1 coupon on it and got it for $2.99 no points back on that one!! :(

And I found some things that were on clearance.. The toothbrush was $1.19 the Lotion was regularly 6.49 and I got it for $1.62 on clearance..
And I also picked up some light bulbs that were BOGO.. They were $5.49... All in all I was happy with what I bought..

I like adding to my stockpile.. Because it really does come in handy when you need it or if something happens (like a job loss that happened to me a while back)...

Well gotta run and go print some more labels off for the 2 items I just got rid of on Yerdle!! Have a great day.. Come back, ya never know what you might find on this page!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

It's one of those days

Hey yall! Haven't posted in a couple of days. Just wanted to check in, in case someone is reading this...lol... Oh this change in the weather is killing me.. I woke up feeling awful.. had to come on in to work.. That is where I am now.. (shhh don't tell).. feeling like crap, trying to keep my spirits up and keep a good attitude..

I hate having to come on in to work feeling bad.. but there is no way that I can miss even one day of work.. I have to keep my bills paid..

Anyways, on to a different subject.. Been doing a lot of the Yerdle.com.. Getting rid of a lot of my stuff.. It's kinda fun.. I like browsing.. I have gotten rid of a lot of books, and a few things I had sitting in the kitchen that I never use.. I can't wait to get my points for the items so that I can start shopping.. I only have like 20(yerdle dollars) left to spend and I want more!! I have been getting things packed and ready to ship.. Oh one other thing with yerdle that I didn't know was you have to print the shipping label off yourself.. I didn't know that I thought they sent it to you.. So yes, you have to print the shipping label off yourself. .But you can use regular printer paper.. And just tape in on to your packages.. I will post some pics when I get home and show you what I have gotten ready so far..

Best get off here and get back to work!!! Hope yall are having a good night.. Lot's O' Love!!

Amy                                     :)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

On a Good Note

Oh yesterday was a great day for me.. I got home from work (crappy night at work ) got online.. Checking my facebook.. Just looking around on some of my group pages.. Went to one of my online yard sale pages.. And I got a tanning canopy (not a full tanning bed) for FREE (no cash).. Well not fully free.. I traded my used treadmill for it!!

It was rather a good deal on both sides.. In my opinion.. Because I was getting ready to list my treadmill to sell because I wasn't using it anymore.. And it was taking up too much space in my bedroom!!! When low and behold.. There she was!! First post too.. All shiny and pretty!!

And turned out that the wonderful gal that posted it was only a couple of blocks (if that!) down the road from me.. She was pleased and I am very pleased..

                                                    My Tanning-Canopy
I have it standing up for now, pushed into a corner.. and when I am ready to use it, it lays down.. awesomesauce!!! I am loving it.. can't beat a good trade.. especially when you're BROKE like me..
Have you guys done any great deals lately?? It's hard living frugally, but ya just gotta keep plugging away at it! Best wishes for the day! God Bless each and every one..

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

HomeMade Planners and What-Not

Hi guys! I finally figured out how to import my pics from my digital camera to my laptop! Yea, Me!! lol.. I told you that I was technically challenged!

I wanted to show you a couple of homemade binders and planners that I used last year.. just to give you some ideas.. The home management/work planner I really used for a long time. I am now on the look-out for something better! And if I can't find anything, I guess I will just have to make my own the way that I like it!

             Here is the planner that I used for home/work. I got the free printables from Declutterd Mama.com and AndreaDekker.com (which at the time was called SimpleOrganizedLiving.com.
 The Daily Spending printables I got from PrintablePaper.net
 The Binder itself I got from WalleyWorld (aka Walmart) I think it was like $15 at the time...
Here is my binder I made for my crochet patterns when I was first learning how to crochet! This binder has a ton of patterns that I got free online! I made so many cute hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, etc... It's the season to start making homemade presents again! Do you like to crochet? or knit? I would love to learn to knit.. Guess I will hit up YouTube!!
 The Crochet Workbook that you see pictured above came from AllFreeCrochet.com.... Binder costs like $3 at Dollar General!
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my pics.. I know it's not much, but it was fun to make and handy to use! But I am ready to make my planners more update and better looking! Time to buy some washi, labeler, stickers,etc!
Till Next Time!! Lot's O' Luv Sent Your Way...   :)

Couponing Day!

Hey guys! Having a pretty good day here so far. It's 12:25pm.. Can you believe I am up and moving around? lol

Well I was laying around the house, on facebook messing around.. I was checking out some of my couponing groups that I am in.. And I decided to get off my butt and go get some DEALS!!! I haven't couponed in over a year because I had couponed so much last year that I had a good sized stockpile and really didn't have the time or the extra money to put into adding to it.. So, we lived off of that stockpile for a whole year.. and now it's looking puney.. And I am ready to build it back up again.

So I went to Rite Aid which is luckily right beside where I live.. Had my deals already picked out and coupons cut.. I didn't have any Plenti points to start with.. So I had to spend money to make money back.. But still got some great deals.. Spent $36.27 and got back $20 in Plenti Points!! So that wasn't too bad, considering I had no PP's to start with! So...my next trip should be way better and maybe I can get my oop (out of pocket) price way lower!! We shall see!

If I can figure out how, I will post some pics on here of my stockpile that I had... Just to let you know it is possible to make a crappy wage and still have stuff you need around the house.. I usually just buy toiletries with my coupons.. Because they never have any good food coupons.

                                                         Here is my previous Stockpile
That was last year's!! But it really lasted us quite awhile. and I had fun giving away gift bags full of goodies to my friends and family! Am hoping to build my stockpile back up to at least that full!
How bout you?? Do you coupon?? If so, where is your favorite place to coupon??