Sunday, October 4, 2015

What I've Been Up To Today

Not too much of anything! lol.. It's been another rainy day here.. I have been off work these last few days. I am glad to have a break from work, but the bad thing about working 3rd shift is, you still stay on that schedule just as if you were at work. Well I do! I guess where I have been working that shift for going on 3 years now. It's kinda got me in the habit.

I hate when I can't sleep at night time. Then I sleep half the day away. Get up in the evening, make me a pot of coffee and then stay up the rest of the night! Sometimes it really makes you feel alienated from other people! Sometimes I feel as though life is passing me right on by. The weeks go by so fast, then months! But I guess that is life! And I am just grateful that I have a job in today's economy. So many people do not! It doesn't pay wonderful, but it does pay. And as long as I have a roof over my head and food in my belly. I am grateful!

Anyways, on to a different subject. I have been trying to clean my email out. It is so overly full! I am afraid that I might miss important emails. So I went back to using  If you haven't heard of it, you should check it out! The main goal of it is to keep up with your subscriptions for you, instead of letting them clog your email. I really like it. Then if you want to check out something you have subscribed to like a blog (and I am sub'd to many blogs) you can just go to and read them there! Leaving your email free for other things! I have two emails. One is for work and home life. The other is for my freebies, surveys, etc. Mainly stuff that I don't have to read at that second!

I also received an email today from letting me know my Filofax has been shipped and I should get it any day now! I can't wait. It's not brand new, it's used.. But that's ok with me. Because I plan on making my own inserts for it anyways. There is no way I can afford to dish out almost $100  for a new one! So used it is. It still has some of the inserts like notes, etc. But I am planning on making my own calendar for it and weekly sheets! There are so many unlimited resources online that I am sure I can find some great printables and print out everything I need! I'm kinda excited about it! I love planners and organizers! I have made plenty of binders for home-management and budgeting, etc. And I have been wanting a Filofax for a long time! And this one will be small enough to take with me wherever I go, instead of a big bulky binder!

What about you?? What have you been up to today?? And do you like planners and other things to help keep you organized?? There are all kinds of good blogs out there that offer free printables.. All I do is either look on Pinterest or just enter free printable pages for (insert word here)..

Well hope you are having a great day out there in the blogosphere!! Thank you for taking the time to visit my humble page! Lots o' love sent your way, from Me!!