Monday, October 5, 2015

Work time

Fixen to head off to work here in just a bit! Thought I would stop in and say hi to whoever reads this! If anyone.. It's a Monday!!! I couldn't sleep last night, as usual.. Almost missed my dr appt. UGH!! The life of a graveyard shift worker...

I haven't had time to do too much of anything today.. I am wolfing down some toast before I leave for work.. Just to keep the hunger pains away for a while.. Does anyone else that works third shift have weight issues?? I gained so much weight when I first started working 3rd shift! I guess where our eating habits are backward.. But here in the last couple of months I can see a change.. I stopped drinking Mtn. Dew for one! That helped extremely well!! Now I just drink my tea and water!! Oh and my coffee!! I couldn't make it thru a 12 hour shift without my coffee!!! lol.

Well I hope everyone has a good night! It's my long week, so I will be real busy this week with work. But I will still make time to blog everyday.. Even if they are short posts. I have so much to learn still about the blogging world.. But am having fun so far learning!! Can't wait till I can get my own domain and have it looking nice.. I love reading blogs! I spend more time reading other people's blogs than I ever do on social media.. I am sick to death of Facebook.. I pop in on it every other day.. Just to check in with my kids that are moved out on their own!! Anyways, here I go rambling, when I need to be getting ready for work!! Hope everyone has a great day!! Talk to you later!