Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Freebie Alert

Get a Free PharPoint T-shirt! Hey guys.. If you like getting freebies as much as I do.. Well click on the link to get a free T-shirt! Go HERE... 

Free Equate Women's Feminine Care Sample Kit HERE

Free Sample of Friskie's 7 Cat Food HERE

Sign up for Tablespoon to get instant access to over $240 in coupons HERE 

That's all I have time to list right now.. I will share more when I get off work!!

Bye for now... xoxo

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Great Finds on the Wish App

Hey guys! I hope everyone is recovering from Christmas overload! lol.. And I hope all of you guys out there had a great Christmas with your loved ones.. Mine was, well kinda Meh... I had to work a 12 hour shift on Christmas Eve... So Christmas day was spent recovering and trying to get woken up good.. Oh the life of a Third Shift Worker.. Can anyone relate? 

Anyways, the topic of my post is the Wish app or Wish.com.  Have you ever used it or heard about it? Well I hadn't until my daughter told me about it.. Then I looked up some reviews on it through YouTube of course.. It has mixed reviews.. But from what I have heard as long as you read the reviews that people leave before you buy an item, you should be ok..

Well I found some great deals.. I mean really inexpensive, cute deals.. I couldn't believe the prices.. So I ordered a few things to see what's up.. Now, i'm playing the waiting game..lol.  From what I've heard it takes quite a while to get your items.. Some up to like a month.. But that's ok.. Because the items that I ordered, i'm not in a rush to get..

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My ELF is here...

Yay! I'm so happy! Wasn't going to post anymore tonight... But I couldn't help myself..

I had to run out real fast to the convenience store.. And decided that I had better check my mail.. My real mail. As in snail mail, before I came into the house.. (I kinda have a bad habit of letting my mail build up, then checking it.. lol) Anyways, there she was all smushed up in a pile of magazines and bills... My ELF order!! Oh, happy day!! (can you tell I get excited over makeup?) 

I love ordering makeup from Elf.. It is so affordable.. But I'm sure yall know that already.. anyways, I was so happy that I had to get on here and show yall what I ordered.. It wasn't much.. I usually only order a few things each payday if I can afford to.. Seeing as how they are so inexpensive.. It's my go to place especially for cosmetic brushes, etc.. Well I have been wanting some pretty highlighter.. And I really needed to update my eyeshadows.. (they are so outdated)..

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Are you ready for Christmas?

Hi guys! Are yall ready for Christmas?  Boy am I cutting it close this year.. I still have to get out and buy the presents I am going to buy.. I hate when I do this! Procrastination is MY middle name!!! I hate that about myself!

I am off work this evening.. Running around the house like a crazy woman trying to get it together last minute!! I have to work on Christmas Eve and that is when my family does our Christmas Thang.. lol.. My mom always has everyone over at her house on Christmas Eve and she goes all out with the wonderful food and deserts.. Then we all sit around and pass out presents.. And laugh and cut up and just have a wonderful time together.. I hate that I am gonna miss that this year!!

So I have to make it up to everyone on Christmas Day.. I will be so sleepy from staying up and working all night.. So it's gonna be a tiring day.. I always dread this time of year.. For me it's a lot of stress building up, but when the day is here and you are with your family.. I think it makes it all worth it!!!

Anyways I hope all of you out there in the world tonight are not stressing too much with the big day looming ahead of us.. Just remember, when it's all said and done.. It will be worth it to just be with your family and share the love you have for each other!! Feliz Navidad and all that good stuff!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

My Happy Planner and ME

Hey yall.. Just thought I would show you what I have been doing with my Happy Planner that I love so much.. I have made journaling cards for it, paper clips, printed off tons of stickers, made some lil to do cards.. etc.. You name it I have been doing it lately with this thing.. I am so happy with my planner.. That you know me I have to share it with everyone.. Check out what I have done so far in these pics: 

And last but not least I finally made myself a basket to keep all my supplies organized.. Well it will do until I get a nice one.. but here is a pic of it  
How do you keep your planner organized.. And do you decorate it? I am a beginner "planner girl" for now.. And am just learning to make it pretty.. But I really do use it to help me organize my life and especially to "remember" things.. If I don't write stuff down, I will FORGET about it fast.. So.. I guess that comes with getting older.. lol.. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my pics of my planner.. And I will talk to you all soon!! Hugs and Love sent your way!!  xoxo  :)  Amy

Organizing Your Desktop

Hey guys! Here lately I have been messing around with PicMonkey and making all kinds of cute designs and collages.. Well I found this awesome way to help organize my desktop for my computer thru Pinterest using PicMonkey.. I have to say I think it looks awesome..

Here is what my layout looks like... Then all you have to do is organize your icons in the appropriate sections.. Here is a pic of my layout... 

I found the tutorial for it here at  I heart planners ...She goes thru it step by step for you in a video.. And makes it really simple to do.. This is for Mac users I think.. So I will list another link for PC users HERE..  Her site is called Moritz Fine Designs   Very awesome website.. Both of these Blogs are awesome.. I can't wait to explore them more..
Here are a couple of screenshots of my desktop with some of my icons organized.. I am loving it so far..


Sorry the shots are a lil dark.. I don't know what is up with the lighting in my bedroom.. must be too dim.. anyways.. Just thought I would share.. I really like this idea.. Go on over to these wonderful Blogs I linked to and check it out for yourself.. These ladies do awesome work and I am so glad I found them on Pinterest..

That's all for now.. Hope you enjoyed this lil post.. And I hope it helped you in some small way.. I know it did me.. I hope you have a great day today! And I will be back to post some more great ideas for organizing and what-not when I run across them.. And I would love for you to share any and all organizing tips you get with ME!  Bye for now!!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Frugal Living at it's Finest

Hey yall!! You know I'm all about living frugally and making sure I don't spend too much money each payday.. Well some of my items came in the mail that I got GREAT deals on and just wanted to share with yall..

I got my ELF products today.. yay!! I have been waiting on this setting powder that I LOVE!! It makes your makeup stay on all day long.. I especially need that for work.. Here's a pic of my ELF products that I ordered..
I can't wait to try the ELF SHIMMERING FACIAL WHIP!! That's one I haven't tried yet.. But if you guys are looking for a face powder that really sets your makeup and lasts all day.. You should really try the ELF PERFECT FINISH HD POWDER.. It's translucent.. plus it's only $6.. This is my second time ordering it.. So it is def becoming a staple among my makeup..

And then I also got a YERDLE package that I have been waiting on.. I ordered some indoor tanning lotion. Only paid 5YERDLE $$ Dollars for it.. and I think like $7 for shipping and service fee that YERDLE charged me.. still better than like $30 bucks at tanning salons.. Its a brand new full bottle.. Here's a pic of it.. It's called Australian Gold "Scientific Velocity". has bronzer in it.. Can't wait to use it tonight when I tan...
Sorry the pic is sideways!! URGH.. that's the way my camera imported it on my computer.. Anyways, just wanted to share with you some of my items that I received in the mail.. I love getting goodies in the mail.. I will be doing a blog post on some more cute stickers and journaling cards I found on Pinterest.. So I will talk to you guys soon!!! Hugs and Kisses from Me  

Friday, December 4, 2015

Podcasts Anyone?

Hi guys! How is everyone doing this evening? (this day has flown by for me).. I hope everyone is doing well.. I was laying here relaxing, thinking about work in the next few hours... Kinda dreading it, but kinda not.. Might as well get it over with, eh?

I haven't done too much organizing or cleaning today.. Just kinda resting before I have to go in and work the next 12 hours. Third Shift takes a lot out of me and has me totally messed up anymore. On my days off, I am up at all kinds of odd hours in the night.. Usually researching things on Pinterest or Google.. Watching video's on "How To" on YouTube.. etc, etc...It is not rare to see my lights on all throughout the night.. With a full pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen. Oh, I know.. i'm weird that way.. Thus the life of a third shift worker.. Us Night Owls...

Anyways, the title of this post is Podcasts.. So, let us talk about podcasts.. I was laying in my tanning bed a couple of hours ago.. I have my handy dandy "laptop" of course beside me on a side table.. I decided to use my computer for entertainment instead of my stereo while I aimlessly lay tanning.. So I pulled up IheartRadio.. And they have some very awesome Podcasts you can listen too.. I had no clue.. I mean am I seriously behind the times or what.. It was amazeballs!!! I could literally listen to my favorite subjects while I lay around.. I was tickled..

One that I found that wasn't on IheartRadio.. Well it might be but I didn't know how to search for it.. lol.. I just found her on a site.. Anyways she has some pretty killer podcasts.. and it was on A SLOB COMES CLEAN .. She has oodles and oodles of podcasts on time management.. (which I so desperately need to get better at) cleaning, decluttering.. organizing.. you name it.. It's there.. Love, love, love her site. Give her a listen.. you will be glad you did..

And then on my IheartRadio... I listened to a station under podcasts called "Pratically Posh".. Wonderful lil show.. Oh I love it.. it's a "Smart Girl's Guide to a Glam Life".. their motto.. and it really is.. It is jammed packed full of practical advice and tips to help you Glam up your life.. Without spending a fortunte.. Gave me some really great ideas and inspired me during my lil tanning session today..

Just wanted to pass along the goodies that I ran across.. I love finding sites and listening to Podcasts like these.. Just really gets the inspiration vibe juiced up real good, ya know.. What are some of the great Podcasts that you listen to?  and do you listen to Podcasts?? I always love listening to Dave Ramsey.. Man, I wish I was that good with money!!!

Well gotta run.. Time to get ready for work and go make that all mighty dollar $$$.. cha ching.. lol.. I wish!! one of these days I will have a better paying job.. But for now, at least I am working.. And the job I have is rewarding when it comes to helping other people.. I just wish they paid better. They really should considering..But I won't list my gripes here! I will RESTRAIN!!! lol.. Have a great evening yall!