Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My ELF is here...

Yay! I'm so happy! Wasn't going to post anymore tonight... But I couldn't help myself..

I had to run out real fast to the convenience store.. And decided that I had better check my mail.. My real mail. As in snail mail, before I came into the house.. (I kinda have a bad habit of letting my mail build up, then checking it.. lol) Anyways, there she was all smushed up in a pile of magazines and bills... My ELF order!! Oh, happy day!! (can you tell I get excited over makeup?) 

I love ordering makeup from Elf.. It is so affordable.. But I'm sure yall know that already.. anyways, I was so happy that I had to get on here and show yall what I ordered.. It wasn't much.. I usually only order a few things each payday if I can afford to.. Seeing as how they are so inexpensive.. It's my go to place especially for cosmetic brushes, etc.. Well I have been wanting some pretty highlighter.. And I really needed to update my eyeshadows.. (they are so outdated)..

So without further ado here are my pics to share with yall... The first is my highlighter.. It is in "Blush Gems ".. I have heard a lot about this highlighter from Beauty Guru's on YouTube.. It's is only $3... Can you believe that price?? It is beautiful..

And the other is  a  32 piece eyeshadow palette in bright.. Lots of beautiful colors that I cannot wait to try out and I only paid $7 for it.. So all in all it was a great deal.. I love adding to my makeup collection.. Here is a pic of the eyeshadow palette..I love the colors..
I am always trying to get my makeup to look good.. I basically taught myself how to do makeup when I was a teenager.. And there are so many tools out there to help you get a beautiful look these days..But I don't know about you.. I can't afford all that high end stuff.. So I am always looking for affordable makeup.. I love watching videos on youtube about makeup and girly stuff.. Especially love the tutorials.. I have plenty of girl's that I follow on youtube.. Plus I love following Wayne Goss.. That man knows his stuff when it comes to cosmetics.. Do you all follow anyone special on youtube?? What are some of your favorite makeup "go-to's"? 
I ordered a couple of more things but they haven't gotten here yet, but when they do, you know I will post them on here!! One last final beautiful
I hope you enjoyed my pics as much as I did sharing them with you.. Please comment below on your favorite makeup items and what you can't live without.. And any and all youtube guru's that you follow that you think I might enjoy.. I will list mine in the comments as well.. I have to go to my youtube and make sure I get there names right.. I follow quite a few.. lol.. anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you have a great night! Till next time.... xoxo