Monday, December 21, 2015

My Happy Planner and ME

Hey yall.. Just thought I would show you what I have been doing with my Happy Planner that I love so much.. I have made journaling cards for it, paper clips, printed off tons of stickers, made some lil to do cards.. etc.. You name it I have been doing it lately with this thing.. I am so happy with my planner.. That you know me I have to share it with everyone.. Check out what I have done so far in these pics: 

And last but not least I finally made myself a basket to keep all my supplies organized.. Well it will do until I get a nice one.. but here is a pic of it  
How do you keep your planner organized.. And do you decorate it? I am a beginner "planner girl" for now.. And am just learning to make it pretty.. But I really do use it to help me organize my life and especially to "remember" things.. If I don't write stuff down, I will FORGET about it fast.. So.. I guess that comes with getting older.. lol.. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my pics of my planner.. And I will talk to you all soon!! Hugs and Love sent your way!!  xoxo  :)  Amy