Thursday, February 4, 2016

Yerdle Items Came Today

Hey!! Just wanted to share with you another couple of YERDLE packages I received in the mail.. I didn't even know they were out there, until we opened the front door this morning.. and there they were.. Yay!! I love getting packages in the mail..

I was surprised at how fast my items came.. But here is all that I got for today.. I have more coming.. The only reason I have so many this time, was because I was lucky enough to win 21 free shipping credits.. so that meant, that I only had to pay the service charge of $2 each for everything I ordered.. so each pic that you will see only cost me $2 each..

The first items that I got were a Day Planner with brand new pack of refills and a book that looked interesting called "The Cross Centered Life" by C.J Mahaney...

The next items I was very happy to get.. it was a bundle of uniforms for my work.. there are 3 pair of scrub pants and 5 scrub shirts.. very pretty colors.. I hope they end up fitting me ok. if they don't I will just Re-Yerdle them.. anyways here they are 

And the last thing I got for today was a thing of Ponds Cold Cream that I was needing anyways.. I love it.. it is a huge bottle.. I am very happy with my items.. Can't wait to get the rest..

All in all it was a great deal..I still have over $100 in Yerdle dollars.. So plenty more shopping I can do.. I have introduced plenty of my friends at work and at home to Yerdle.. And they seem to like it too.. Here is my referral link, if you think you would like to get started Yerdling like me.. You will automatically get $35 yerdle dollars to spend on whatever you like, plus free shipping on your first order.. So, what are you waiting for..

 There are plenty of things for everyone on this site.. men, women, children, electronics, hobbies, makeup, home d├ęcor, so much to choose from.. and it is constantly being updated every second of the day.. give it a try and see if you like it.. here is the link to get you $35 dollars to start with.. YERDLE $35 dollars  make sure to use that link to check out yerdle.. if you don't you will only get $25 dollars to start.. so $35 is better, right? plus free shipping on your first item.. great deal..

 I am sure that you will like it.. I love using yerdle.. I am so glad that someone had a link out that I used for the first time.. anyways, it's 7am.. gonna get up and make me a pot of coffee and plan my day out.. crazy sleeping habits when i'm off work!!

Talk to you all later!!!!