Tuesday, March 15, 2016

5 Pros & Cons To Working Third Shift (Graveyard)

5 Pro's and Con's to working third shift also known as the GRAVEYARD shift... For some people working third shift is not an option.. But for me it just works.. I am a night owl.. Although I have tried and tried to be a morning person, my inner time clock isn't gonna have it..

I know, I know most people that I deal with on a daily basis cannot stand the thought of having to work third shift.. But for me, I just fit in I guess.. I have never been a morning person.. Even though I have tried many times to make myself a morning person.. It's just not gonna happen. It even ruined a marriage..

 My ex thought I was just lazy because it killed me to get up early in the mornings.. I even went from 2nd shift to dayshift for HIM, so that I could be around more at the house to cook and take care of the kids so he wouldn't have to when he got off work.. Well needless to say, I didn't stay at that job long after making the switch.. plus I had to take a demotion in pay.. which really sucked!! I was making more on the hour working 2nd shift at that time..

 Many jobs and a divorce later  (lol.. not because of my inability to work dayshift btw)  Here we are at present day 2016.. And I am working full time third shift.. and have been for the past 3-4 years.. Let's look at the pros and cons in MY OPINION of working THIRD SHIFT..

1.) You don't have to get up early... yay me!! I hate worrying about being late for work because I cannot drag my butt up at un-godly hours of the morning.. How people do it and do it well is beyond me!! I wish I was a morning person, but at the age of 41, if it hasn't happened by now, IT'S NOT GONNA!!

2.) You have pretty much all day to get "psyched" for work.. Sorry but I have to sit around drinking a cup of coffee at least an hour or so before I can function.. I never was one that could just jump up when the alarm goes off.. No, if I had to do that, I would probably go thru ALOT of alarm clocks from slinging them thru the wall!! lol..

3.) You don't have to deal with a lot of traffic... I love this part of getting off at 6am.. especially on the weekend.. hardly anybody on the roads.. Don't have to worry bout road rage.. lol

4.) You have the whole store to yourself when you need to go grocery shopping... Ever been to Walmart at 6am?? Well it's awesome.. there is hardly anyone around.. there are NO LONG LINES to wait in.. You can zip in and zip out!!!

5.) You have more time to run errands and to spend outside.. Yep.. If you can deal with a little less sleep on the days your bills are due or whatever your errand running is.. You can just do it after you get off work..  or even a few hours before work.. Dayshifters don't have that luxury.. especially the folks that work where I do.. these girls pull 12 hour shifts.. I don't know how they get anything done...


1.) Everyone thinks you are lazy because you are asleep at like noon.. Gotta sleep sometime.. It would make for an awful night at work for everyone around me if I didn't get at least 5-6 hours of sleep..

2.) Your diet consists of mostly food picked up at a window (ie; fast food much?) Yep that is one thing that I am working on is eating healthier.. Working night shift has packed the pounds on me.. I have lost 25 lbs tho.. Which is AWESOME.. but you have to make it a priority to eat better and not just for convenience.. I am lucky that my bf likes to cook.. But on the days that he doesn't feel like it, I usually am too tired and don't feel like it either.. so we will hit up a fast food joint.. I know, I know.. bad for you..

3.) You don't see any of your friends anymore.. The only place that I get to talk to my friends, well the one's that are still friends with me is usually on Facebook... lol.. that is so bad.. We don't even talk on the phone anymore.. I don't see anybody hardly.. My mom, sisters, etc.. I work, I come home, I sleep.. Get up and REPEAT... Although I have made a few good friends at work tho.. so can't leave them out.. lol

4.) Coffee much??... Every night shift worker that I have ever met almost always has to have their caffeine.. Where I work, I am known for my coffee.. They know that Amy is gonna have a pot brewing almost as soon as we clock in.. I can't imagine working a shift without my COFFEE.. are you crazy.. But I have heard that too much caffeine is not good for you.. Lordy, I guess I am more than likely unhealthy then.. Considering the fact that I eat fast food and drink lots of coffee.. All in the name of WORK and keeping a roof over my head.. I know some of the girls that work where I do, will bring in a few red bull's or energy drinks.. not naming any names here.. lol.. they know who they are..

5.) Trying to get a good solid amount of sleep before work.. Ha/ha.. this is funny.. have you ever tried to sleep thru the day?.. If it's not the phone ringing waking you up, then it's someone knocking on the door.. Noise coming from outside.. cars, people, workers, etc.. Plus if you don't get your room good and dark, it really is hard to sleep.. I never get a good day's sleep anyways, unless it's my day off.. then I can snooze with the best of them.. Sometimes I will sleep all the way up to 5 pm, get up finally put on some coffee and stay up for the rest of the night working on my blog, catching up with things around the house.. whatever I can fit in before I have to go back to work..

Well that's all I can think of for now.. I'm sure I will be able to add to the list as they come to me.. lol.. Do you work night shift? What kind of hours do you work? Part time or full time?? How do you get your sleep in after working all night long?? I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment below and let me know what kind of hours you work... And how you fit your life around your job.. Isn't that awful.. one of these days, I would love to fit my job around my LIFE.. but for now a girls' gotta do what a girls' gotta do..