Friday, March 11, 2016

Liebster Award

I am so excited to announce that Third Shift Living has been nominated for a Liebster Award..

A Liebster Award is given by the blogging community to recognize and support new bloggers like ME!! I am so honored that Teresa from Mama Tries Blog nominated me.. Her blog is so awesome and I can sooo relate to many of her blog post.. As I read her articles, I can hear her "voice" just as if we are sitting in the same room together talking. One of my favorite posts of hers is "Lazy Guide To Looking Your Best . I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD (lol) while reading this because I could see myself in her writing.. My boyfriend Kirk just glanced at me like I was nutz while reading it.. lol (if he only knew, lol)

The rules for the Liebster Blogging Award are as follows:
* Thank the blog that nominated you and link back to them..
*Answer 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you.
*Tell readers 11 random facts about yourself...
*Nominate up to 11 bloggers to receive the award next..
*Give your new nominees questions to answer about themselves..



1.) What city have you visited that is your favorite?

     That would have to be Seattle for me.. When I was married to my 2nd husband, he was in the Army and we were stationed in WA state for 2 years.. It took this country girl a while, to say the least, to get used to living near such big cities.. We lived off base for about 6 months in Lakewood (near Tacoma).. Then finally got our little house on base.. He got sent out to the "field" quite a lot during that time, so it was up to Me to keep our lil family together.. And on some of the outings that me and the kids and a fellow Army wife went on, were to Seattle.. I fell in love with that city.. And miss being so close to it.. And would love to go back one day soon to explore it again!!

2.) If you could visit any city in the world that you have not yet visited, where would you go?

     This is probably going to sound odd... But the city that I most would LOVE to visit is a city called Fife.. In Scotland.. Why you may ask? Well I have always wanted to go see the Wemyss Castle.. And that is the city that it is in.. Why the Wemyss Castle? Because a long, long, long, long time ago, my ancestors lived there.. And what is amazing is that today there are Wemyss' that live there still. And I think that is so awesome.. I would love to travel to Fife to meet relatives that don't even know I exist.. lol.. No seriously, when I traced my ancestory I learned that one of my great, great, greats lived in that castle.. Is that not the most awesome thing to find out about your history???
photo taken from here is a link to read more about Wemyss Castle here

3.) What's your favorite word?

Now that is a very hard question.. But even tho it sounds cliché, I am going to go with Awesome!!
Just because when I find something that truly amazes me or impresses me that is the word that I use!! So when I say that Mama Tries Blog is Awesome! Then I am saying that her blog is amazing and it really made an impression on me!!

4.) If you could live inside any book or movie, which would you choose?

For me, there has to be 2 answers to this question.. Because there are so many awesome (there's that word again) books that are movies that I truly love.. Ok here goes; Either "Pride and Prejudice" I would love to be Elizabeth Bennet and capture Mr. Darcy's heart.. Or I would live inside "Lonesome Dove" but I wouldn't be the ho! I would be Gus!! He was the great thinker in my opinion and lived life so fully!!

5.) What is your favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite thing about blogging is that I get to talk to people of all walks of life.. I have met some awesome women that I would never have met if not for blogging.. I have been given some wonderful opportunites that I would never have been given if I hadn't of started blogging..I am so in love with blogging now more than ever!! It is true what they say, "everyone does have their own voice and something unique to bring to blogging"

6.) What is your fav smell?

That one kinda caught me off I would have to say chicken & dumplin's.. Reminds me of  running outside with my friends when I was a girl then stepping into mama's kitchen after playing outside all day..

7.) What accomplishment are you most proud of?

My children!! I gave birth to 5 wonderful amazing human beings.. And as I watch my older children find their way in life, I am truly blessed! And I see the curiosity in the younger one's eyes.. It takes me back to when I was that age.. Life is Beautiful!!

8.) What is your most embarrassing moment (that you are willing to admit)?

That is a hard one!! Oh no, I know one! My most embarrassing moment was in my junior year of high school when my mother took me to the hair salon for a treat, and I use treat loosely, to get my hair done for my boyfriend's (at the time) junior prom...And I came out with about 6 inches less of hair than what I went in with!! Talk about embarrassing.. I thought I would die.. of course I didn't.. But that was a hard night to get thru.. Especially on a night that you want to look amazing! And instead I looked like a boy in a beautiful dress!! lol.. I can laugh about it now, but at the time, it was awful!!

 9.) What is your drink of choice?

My drink of choice is coffee.. Have to have at least 3 cups to function.. Cream, no sugar!

10.) What is your fav season?

My fav season is FALL!! I love that it's not too cold yet.. But just enough to wear long sleeves.. You can feel the crisp in the air.. And see all the beautiful leaves changing colors on the trees..

11.) What song always makes you happy when you hear it?

I know this is gonna sound dorky, but "Happy" by Pharrell.. Can't help it.. That song has got rhythm... Gotta love it!!

11 Random Facts About Me:
1. I am in no way shape or form a morning person.. I am def a night owl, hence Third Shift Living

2. I used to be a Mtn Dew girl BUT since I needed to drop some pounds have quit.. And as a result of that dropped 25lbs... woohoo! No more soda for this ole girl..

3. I work full time outside the home as a Caregiver at an Assisted Living Facility...I do believe that God put me on this Earth to care for other people.. Especially our elderly population.

4.  I found out I am a Scanner.. don't know what a scanner is? Neither did I until I watched this video  Basically it's a person that has many interests in life, but can't seem to figure out what they want to do for a living... Think you might be a scanner? Watch the video, you will know! There are facebook groups for scanners!! Cool, huh?

5. I hate to clean house...but I love anything about organizing.. Books, videos, etc.. Don't you think that's weird? Someone who hates to clean but loves anything to do with organizing your home, life, etc...
6. I am a planner junkie....I love anything to do with planners.. I love my Happy Planner! I love to look at it, decorate it, washi it to death... lol... And for some reason I think everyone would like to see mine after I have made her purty!!  teehee  :)

7. I lived in Canada for 2 whole months! that was when I was 19 and thought I knew everything about LIFE!! Plus I had just gotten pregnant and didn't know it.. Hmm no wonder I was throwing up every day and couldn't enjoy my time there... back home to mama and her loving arms!

8. I have a scar on my face right beside my mouth... of all places to get one of course it had to be there.. But at least i'm alive.. I got it in a awful car accident when I was like 12..and no, I wasn't driving.. teehee

9. When I am off work, I still keep the same hours as if I am at work...that means that on my days off  I sleep late, wake up, put on a pot of coffee and stay up all night.. usually working on my blog or up cleaning house and messing around while my bf is asleep.. Sometimes I will even get out and go to the store (thank God for Walmarts)

10. I thought about blogging for years before I finally started this one.... If you are thinking of starting a BLOG, just do it!! You will learn as you go.. And it does NOT have to be perfect.. Just stay true to you and be REAL to your readers.. Be open and honest with them and DON'T try to be somebody that you AREN'T!  * I know you didn't ask for that advice but there it is anyways! lol

11. I love getting FREE STUFF in the mail... I used to be the COUPON QUEEN around my house but now i'm the freebie person to go to!! Yes, my mailman JUST LOVES me! (insert sarcasm here)


Below are the bloggers that I have nominated.. They are all very different from each other, but have so much to offer the world!! I am so inspired by there blogs.. They each have their own "voice" and are so creative and inspiring!! Please go check out each one of their blogs.. You will be glad you did! Here they are, in no random order...

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 Ok guys.. Here are your 11 Questions From ME!!
 1,) When is your favorite time of year?

2.) If you could meet anyone in the world & actually spend some time getting to know that person, who would it be & why? 
  3.) What is your most favorite thing about blogging? 
 4.)  Who was your celeb teen crush growing up?  
 5.) What made you want to start a blog? 
 6.) What is your favorite movie/tv show? One that you could watch over & over again?
 7.) Who is your BLOGGING hero? or What blogger would you most like to be like or emulate their success? 
 8.) If you could visit any country in the world where would that be?

 9.) What is one book that inspires you? 
 10.) If you could be a Disney Character which one would you be? 
 11.) If you could be the editor of any magazine which magazine would it be? 

  Congrats to the Nominees!! I can't wait to read your answers.. Make sure to check out the blogs of your awesome fellow Nominees!!

  Ok guys!! That was a FUN post to write up!! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!! Till next time...