Friday, May 13, 2016

A Cute DIY Project For Making Your Own Dividers For Your Planner

Hey guys! Just a quick & easy DIY for all you #plannerjunkies out there.. This one is a project that I just did for myself for my dayplanner.. I have two or three extra planners laying around that I haven't been using.. And I was going thru my planner box & got inspired to make some new divider pages for my planner.. Just something to pretty it up and make it look cuter than the standard dividers that came with the planner.. As always, I thought I would share with you..

This one is pretty simple to make.. Anyone can do it.. It helps if you have some extra scrapbook paper laying around.. I went with the pretty blue & white polka dot one and a pretty red & white polka dot one.. Here are some handy tools that I had laying around that I used for this project..


*Single Hole Punch
*Planner of course
*Divider Tab from Your Planner to Use as a Guide
*Scrapbook paper

The first thing I did was to go thru my scrapbook paper & pick out some pretty designs that I thought would look good in my planner.. Found some really cute one's that I liked..

 Then just take out one of the divider pages that is already in your planner.. I turned my scrapbook paper over onto the back to trace the outline of the divider page.. But you can do it either way I guess.. I just did it that way, so that it wouldn't show any marks or lines.. Cut it out.. Line up your divider that came with your planner.. Thru the holes take your marker and leave a dot.. Then take your hole-punch and punch out the holes needed so that it will fit your planner perfectly..

Add some cute washi tape to the divider tabs so that you can write on it and replace it when you want to.. That way you can have different categories.. I went with these categories so far for mine..
*To Do's
* Gratitude
Here are some quick pics to show you the final project.. I wanted to make a clear dashboard but didn't have the stuff to do it with, so I ended up making a black dashboard to use to put my post-it's, stickers, etc on.. I think it will work for the time being, until I can get a laminator in this house to use!! I am dying to get a laminator plus a silhouette.. Cuz this girl is gonna be making some more #stickers.. I love making my own stickers.. anyways, here's some quick pics of all of it together..
Here is a pic of the planner that I did this project on....

Just your average dayplanner.. I love the color of this one tho.. So I like it.. Still have to decide what I want to use it for.. Maybe for keeping track of my Gratitude & Goals while I learn more about Law of Attraction.. And for charting my meditating times.. ??? who knows... Anyways, here's the rest of the pics..    Here's the dashboard that I made without the post-it's on it.. Just stickers.. Thinking about maybe filling it up with inspirational stickers or words cut out from magazines..

Here is a pic of the dashboard with the post it's on it.. Can't make up my mind if I want to leave the post-its on it or not..

And last but not least here are the pics of my planner with my DIY DIVIDER PAGES in it.. Turned out pretty cute I think...

Here they are separated.. So that you can see how they turned out better..

and the last one....

Just a fun little DIY for your planner.. Something fast & simple to do.. I will be adding more accessories to it and decorating it as I get inspired.. For now just wanted to show you what I was up to.. Never know it might inspire someone out there and get there creative juices a flowin'.. lol..

So, do you ever do DIY'S for your planner?? If so, what kinds of stuff do you like making for yours?? I love being crafty and making different things for my planner.. I use my "Happy Planner" daily.. This lil planner I think I am just going to use when I am doing my daily meditating & writing down what all I am grateful for that day.. I think that will be a good use for it..

I love planners.. I mean I am a big time #plannerjunkie and I have a lot of different kinds of planners laying around.. But I like to actually use mine.. And not just have it sitting on a shelf somewhere..

What kind of planner do you use?? Leave me a comment, I would love to connect with other planneraddicts out there.. lol..

Hope you enjoyed this fast little post.. As always...