Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Poor Girl's Pear Bread

Hey guys! Have you ever been hungry for something but didn't really have the money to go out to get something to eat.. So you had to get creative with what you had in your pantry? Well here's a quick & easy recipe that I found online using ingredients that I had on hand.. Enjoy!!

It's almost payday and of course I am broke until then.. And I was wanting something sweet this morning.. So I decided to get creative and see what I could come up with.. Only thing I had in the pantry fruit wise was canned pears.. lol.. So as you know Google is your best friend!!

Quickly typed in "what can I make with pears?" and this was what I found.. *This is NOT my recipe.. I found it thru the site All Recipe's . Here is the recipe that I used.. This recipe was contributed to All Recipe by Anna... Pear Bread 

Made a few substitutions because I didn't have some of the ingredients, but it still ended up tasting awesome with a cup of coffee this morning! And believe you me, I am not a baker.. So if I can whip it up real quick.. then ya gotta know that it's easy to make..

I used brown sugar instead of regular sugar.. And applesauce instead of vegetable oil.. Canned pears instead of fresh pears.. Here are a few pics.. YUMMY!!

It was moist & delicious and HIT the spot this morning!! So thank you Anna whoever you are out there in All Recipe land for the quick & easy recipe for yummy pear bread!! And I hope you don't mind me sharing your recipe! Go check it out guys.. If you want something quick and affordable for a snack.. I'm sure you have most things on hand.. Flour, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, vegetable oil, pecans & pears.. (oh I left out the pecans but other than that, went by her recipe.. Loved it!!

Welp just wanted to share.. I will write up a longer post later!! Hope you are having a great day today.. I am gonna try to.. I am off work today & tomorrow!! So yippee for me!!

As always,