Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cooking For One Now

It has been very quiet & weird around here now that I am on my own. Thank God for work and that keeping me busy. But on my days off, it's very lonely. Cooking for one is harder than cooking for a group in my opinion..

Here I sit watching movies on Amazon Prime, cooking supper and thinking about my future. It's hard now that Kirk is gone (passed away) and I am living on my own.. For the ones new to reading my blog, here is a blog post to catch you up Losing Someone You Love.

So this little post is about What's For Dinner(?) today.. lol.. I have been trying to live as frugally as possible, now that I am down to one income paying all the bills.. I decided instead of eating out, that I wanted something home cooked.. Had some ground beef and was going to opt for Sloppy Joe's (again lol) but decided nah, I can't do another sloppy joe weekend... lol

So this evening I am making easy chili.. Only had to go out and get 3 ingredients to go with what I had.. Diced tomatoes, kidney beans, and a packet of chili powder..
So here is my easy chili.. Took all of about 20 mins to throw together.. Ended up spending a whopping $4 for my supper.. Not too bad..

Take 1lb of ground beef and brown it up..

Add some onions

Then 1 can of diced tomato; do not drain

Then your kidney beans; do not drain off
Add your packet of chili powder and stir up good.. Bring to a boil

Put it on LOW, cover and let it simmer for 10 mins

I like to add chesse to mine.. just taste so much better..

That with some crackers and a glass of sweet tea.. YUMMY!!

lol.. So this is what I made for supper for myself.. sitting here watching a documentary about Billy The Kid on Amazon Prime!! (It's hard here being by myself)

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my life & what I am up to today.. Thinking about maybe adding a recipe category to this blog.. And doing easy, simple, and frugal recipes.. Ideas?? I think that might help some people that are either in my situation or just trying to live frugally.. If you guys have any frugal ideas for me.. Please don't hesitate to comment..

Hope you are having a great day!! :) 

As Always,