Wednesday, September 30, 2015

cool site I just found

Hi guys, I just found this cool site called Yerdle. I guess it has been around for a little while, though I didn't know about it.. (lol) I think I'm behind on everything in life!! lol  So far it seems pretty cool.. You can get rid of stuff around your house that you don't want anymore and "shop" around for things that you do want..

The kicker is it's free.. Well almost. lol.. You don't use cash to pay for the products that you "buy". You use credits. From what I understand the site charges like up to 3-4 bucks. (which is a service charge so they can keep their site up and running)  I ordered a filo-fax for 25 credits. So far it seems pretty cool.. I am getting ready to start gathering up items around my house that I would like to list and take pics of them.  Things I was going to get rid of anyways. I would much rather give it to someone that could use it than to throw it away..

Here is the link if you would like to check it out.   The way I understand it, you get $45 credit for signing up and I get a referral if you order (I get $20 credit and free shipping on my next item)  Hey that's $45 bucks worth of items you don't have to pay for!! Not a bad deal. I am new to the site as well, so maybe we can figure it out together! I think it's kinda like listia, without the bidding!!

Anyways, just found it and thought I would share. I have been scrolling through their site for over an hour now.. They have some cool stuff on there..

P.S.  One of my interests I forgot to mention in my introductory post was that I love getting freebies in the mail.. So whenever I find free samples or anything that seems like a good freebie, I will post on here for you guys to get too!! I have a whole basket dedicated to free samples and stuff.. lol.. I even got a cool free t-shirt in the mail once. And I always get my magazine subscriptions for free!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hi all.. This is my very first blog post to my new blog. I am excited as well as nervous to put myself out there for the world to see, but I am jumping in head first!

A little about me; I live in a small town in East Tennessee (USA) Work full-time, 3rd shift. 12 hour nights! Seems like all I do is work. I am a caregiver at an assisted living facility.. I think I was made for that kind of work, seeing as how I keep coming back to that profession.  I guess I just like taking care of others and giving of my time and energy to help our elderly.

I have slew of interests.. So it's un-telling what you will find when you visit this blog! I love to do DIY's, organizing, crocheting, reading, frugal living, and I love to learn new things.. I am always checking something out on the web that interests me.

I got to thinking as much time as I spend online, why not start my own blog?? I love to check-out other people's blogs. Seems like you can find anything that you want to know about online.

I can't wait to start meeting and making new friends on Blogger! Thanks for stopping by to my lil neck of the woods!! And hopefully as I gain more experience blogging that my posts will be better!! lol.. anyways! Talk to yall soon!!