Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hi all.. This is my very first blog post to my new blog. I am excited as well as nervous to put myself out there for the world to see, but I am jumping in head first!

A little about me; I live in a small town in East Tennessee (USA) Work full-time, 3rd shift. 12 hour nights! Seems like all I do is work. I am a caregiver at an assisted living facility.. I think I was made for that kind of work, seeing as how I keep coming back to that profession.  I guess I just like taking care of others and giving of my time and energy to help our elderly.

I have slew of interests.. So it's un-telling what you will find when you visit this blog! I love to do DIY's, organizing, crocheting, reading, frugal living, and I love to learn new things.. I am always checking something out on the web that interests me.

I got to thinking as much time as I spend online, why not start my own blog?? I love to check-out other people's blogs. Seems like you can find anything that you want to know about online.

I can't wait to start meeting and making new friends on Blogger! Thanks for stopping by to my lil neck of the woods!! And hopefully as I gain more experience blogging that my posts will be better!! lol.. anyways! Talk to yall soon!!