Saturday, October 24, 2015

Couponing At Rite Aid

Well I couldn't resist and had to run to Rite Aid and do some couponing.. Of course it was the LAST day of the weekly sale.. And just about everything was cleared out..

But I did get lucky enough to get the Playtex deal and the Loreal Mascara deal that I was wanting.. Spent a little more out of pocket than I wanted to, but had Plenti points to cover the biggest of it.. The way I calculated it I was only supposed to spend like $8 bucks oop but I ended up spending $12 and getting $11 back in PP'S (plenti points)

Here is a lil pic of my deals that I got for today Saturday Oct. 24th

Not too bad for just getting back into couponing and re-building my stockpile..
 I got 3 Pantene's they were 3/$12  used a $5/3 coupon making them $7 for 3 got back 300 pps($3 in pps)..

 I got 4 boxes of the Playtex Sport Tampons for 2/$7 used(2) $3/2 coupons.. so it was $14-$6=$8..  .. got back 600 pps ($6) so ($8-$6=$2).. good deal on those..

 I got a Loreal Mascara for 40% off and used a coupon I got thru Rite Aid facebook.. the mascara after the 40% was $4.97 used a $3/1 internet printable making that mascara $1.97!!! great deal on Loreal!!

I went ahead and got the Buttercream HairColor just because I needed to color my hair.. It was 4.99 and I used a $2/1 coupon on it and got it for $2.99 no points back on that one!! :(

And I found some things that were on clearance.. The toothbrush was $1.19 the Lotion was regularly 6.49 and I got it for $1.62 on clearance..
And I also picked up some light bulbs that were BOGO.. They were $5.49... All in all I was happy with what I bought..

I like adding to my stockpile.. Because it really does come in handy when you need it or if something happens (like a job loss that happened to me a while back)...

Well gotta run and go print some more labels off for the 2 items I just got rid of on Yerdle!! Have a great day.. Come back, ya never know what you might find on this page!!