Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Couponing Day!

Hey guys! Having a pretty good day here so far. It's 12:25pm.. Can you believe I am up and moving around? lol

Well I was laying around the house, on facebook messing around.. I was checking out some of my couponing groups that I am in.. And I decided to get off my butt and go get some DEALS!!! I haven't couponed in over a year because I had couponed so much last year that I had a good sized stockpile and really didn't have the time or the extra money to put into adding to it.. So, we lived off of that stockpile for a whole year.. and now it's looking puney.. And I am ready to build it back up again.

So I went to Rite Aid which is luckily right beside where I live.. Had my deals already picked out and coupons cut.. I didn't have any Plenti points to start with.. So I had to spend money to make money back.. But still got some great deals.. Spent $36.27 and got back $20 in Plenti Points!! So that wasn't too bad, considering I had no PP's to start with! next trip should be way better and maybe I can get my oop (out of pocket) price way lower!! We shall see!

If I can figure out how, I will post some pics on here of my stockpile that I had... Just to let you know it is possible to make a crappy wage and still have stuff you need around the house.. I usually just buy toiletries with my coupons.. Because they never have any good food coupons.

                                                         Here is my previous Stockpile
That was last year's!! But it really lasted us quite awhile. and I had fun giving away gift bags full of goodies to my friends and family! Am hoping to build my stockpile back up to at least that full!
How bout you?? Do you coupon?? If so, where is your favorite place to coupon??