Monday, October 12, 2015

HOME finally!

Good Morning! I am so TIRED!!! Just got off work. Worked a 3 night stretch (12hr shifts).. Man am I glad to be OFF work for the next two days!!! And I am NOT answering that phone for nothing!!! It was one long weekend!!!

Anyways, can you tell I'm glad to be off work??? lol... I finally got my Filo-fax that I ordered through yesterday!! I was glad to see the package in my mailbox, but it was not as described. It was WAY smaller than the picture.. it's more like an address book! oh well, I guess I still can't complain. Only paid $2 shipping for it!! I will just have to be on the lookout for another one! I was going to do homemade printable inserts for it and set it up the way I wanted it!! But I will just find me another one!!!

Well I am off to check out some blogs! And then hop in the BED!! Take Care!!