Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Yerdling

It has been one busy morning.. I got off work at 6am.. I knew I had a dr apt at 11am, so I decided just to sit up and go to the dr and try to get my Yerdle stuff shipped..

Well I had to go buy some boxes.. Hit Target up and bought a couple of boxes.. Spent about $8 bucks on boxes and washi tape.. Finally got back to the house and started packing these boxes to get out so that the people that bought my stuff can actually get their packages on time.. Man there is a lot more to this than I thought.. It's not that I'm lazy or nothing, but after working all night long.. I really don't feel like staying up and packing boxes then gotta go find the UPS store around here!! lol.. Which I still haven't done..

So, anyways I think I will let my procrastination win on this one and just take the packages to UPS tomorrow.. Of course the last day that I have to get them out!! But I am so tired and sleepy, that I have to get at least a couple hours of sleep in..

Here's a pic of my thrown together packages.....   
look at those shabby looking packages..
I think next time I will try to get them out earlier and find some cute designs to throw on them.. Those pretty much look bad.. But I guess it's all about what's inside that counts!!! lol..
Anyways, gotta catch some ZZZZZZZZ's.. Have you tried YERDLE yet?? It's fun... well I like the shopping part best.. but I think I will get better at the "giving" part once I get my butt in gear and stop procrastinating..
P.S   bought me some cute washi tape too to spruce up my filo-fax that I got thru Yerdle.. I like it.. it looks like watermelon colors 
OK.. well I will get back online in a lil while.. Enjoy the day and thank God for all your Blessings!!