Friday, October 23, 2015

It's one of those days

Hey yall! Haven't posted in a couple of days. Just wanted to check in, in case someone is reading Oh this change in the weather is killing me.. I woke up feeling awful.. had to come on in to work.. That is where I am now.. (shhh don't tell).. feeling like crap, trying to keep my spirits up and keep a good attitude..

I hate having to come on in to work feeling bad.. but there is no way that I can miss even one day of work.. I have to keep my bills paid..

Anyways, on to a different subject.. Been doing a lot of the Getting rid of a lot of my stuff.. It's kinda fun.. I like browsing.. I have gotten rid of a lot of books, and a few things I had sitting in the kitchen that I never use.. I can't wait to get my points for the items so that I can start shopping.. I only have like 20(yerdle dollars) left to spend and I want more!! I have been getting things packed and ready to ship.. Oh one other thing with yerdle that I didn't know was you have to print the shipping label off yourself.. I didn't know that I thought they sent it to you.. So yes, you have to print the shipping label off yourself. .But you can use regular printer paper.. And just tape in on to your packages.. I will post some pics when I get home and show you what I have gotten ready so far..

Best get off here and get back to work!!! Hope yall are having a good night.. Lot's O' Love!!

Amy                                     :)