Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Day

Well it's been a few days since I posted on here.. I have been working the last few days and now it's my day off.. seems like it's so hard to drag myself out of sleep when you work this shift!! I have got to start doing better! I feel like I am sleeping my life away! And there are so many things I would like to do and get done around my house.

Today was my payday. So I go online to check and see how much I got paid after taxes seeing as I had 12 hours overtime this payday.. Wow, what a bummer!!! I was thinking that my check would be way bigger than what it was.. such a let down. Then I checked my bank statement and saw where one of the items I ordered online waited to take their money out the day they shipped instead of just taking it out the day I ordered the item!! So it overdrafted my account!!! That really ticked me off.. All for a large sum of $2 for the shipping!! I ended having to pay $36 for that measly little $2.. Now if that just didn't start my day off on the wrong foot!!!! Anyways, I'm over it now.. but at the time I was like so mad.. I have got to sit down and make a budget and get my finances in order. I work full time, but still struggle to make ends meet.. I hate that feeling! I would love to be able not to worry about stuff just one day!

I am back to work starting tomorrow and have to work all weekend (12 hr shifts), so it's going to be a long weekend.. I really dread it.. I work as a caregiver in an assisted living facility. I barely make above minimum wage. I wish they paid better where I work. That is why I am all the time looking for side-hustles and extra ways to make money or to get the things I need!

Still waiting on that filo-fax I ordered thru Yerdle   It hasn't come yet! They sent me an email on the 2nd saying that it has been shipped! I hope it comes soon.. Oh, but I did get a surprise in the mail today.. It tickled me to death because I never WIN anything.. I won a free CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara through the Allure website. They have contests like everyday. And I was one of the winners of their cosmetic giveaway they had!!! I was so happy.. that is bad when you get excited over a mascara.. But it was just one other thing that I didn't have to spend money on! lol.. anyways, it doesn't take much to amuse me!! lol..

Do you guys ever try to get free samples/free products thru websites.. one of the best websites I have found here lately is Freebie Shark    I use Julie's freebies too.. I like getting free samples and stuff.. I have a basket designated just for my freebies.. and a bookshelf for my coupon items! (stockpile).. I need to get on the ball and start couponing again.. And listing deals on here so yall can get them too!

Well gonna run and go check out some of my fav Blogs! Stop on by and say hi.. leave me a comment with your blog if you have one and i'll be sure to check it out!! Talk to ya later!!!