Saturday, October 17, 2015

On a Good Note

Oh yesterday was a great day for me.. I got home from work (crappy night at work ) got online.. Checking my facebook.. Just looking around on some of my group pages.. Went to one of my online yard sale pages.. And I got a tanning canopy (not a full tanning bed) for FREE (no cash).. Well not fully free.. I traded my used treadmill for it!!

It was rather a good deal on both sides.. In my opinion.. Because I was getting ready to list my treadmill to sell because I wasn't using it anymore.. And it was taking up too much space in my bedroom!!! When low and behold.. There she was!! First post too.. All shiny and pretty!!

And turned out that the wonderful gal that posted it was only a couple of blocks (if that!) down the road from me.. She was pleased and I am very pleased..

                                                    My Tanning-Canopy
I have it standing up for now, pushed into a corner.. and when I am ready to use it, it lays down.. awesomesauce!!! I am loving it.. can't beat a good trade.. especially when you're BROKE like me..
Have you guys done any great deals lately?? It's hard living frugally, but ya just gotta keep plugging away at it! Best wishes for the day! God Bless each and every one..