Thursday, October 1, 2015

Organizing/ Cleaning

I used to be so anal about keeping my home clean and organized. Here lately, I don't know if it's where I work so much or what, but I have been letting things go. And now I am getting to where the clutter is starting to really get to me. So, since I need to post some things to Yerdle to give, I figured I might as well jump in there and start organizing my home again.

I will be posting some tips here and there and maybe some pics of my space before/after's to keep my self accountable. I will always list the resources to make sure I give proper credit to where the tip/idea came from.  I don't know about you but I love Pinterest. I get so many good ideas off of that site.  I have this great book that I bought with an Amazon gift card that I received through Swagbucks. It's called "What's a DisOrganized Person To Do?" by Stacey Platt.  It is an awesome resource. I love that book. She gives so many great tips and ideas. And it has plenty of pics of how she organizes different rooms.

Does anyone use Swagbucks to get gift cards?? It used to be easy to get a $5 Amazon Card, but now they have put the SB's up to 500.. It used to be 350 points would get you a $5 gift card. And I would use that toward a coupon or organizing book through Amazon.. Oh well I'm at 400 points right now, working my way toward 500.. Hey, every little bit helps. If I can do that to keep from spending cash, I'm gonna do it!! lol..

Anyways, sorry this post is so long.. Drop me a comment if any of yall use Swagbucks and tell me what you do to get SB's.. right now, I'm just doing like the daily poll, Noso's and the Discover or whatever it's called.. Sometimes i'll do a search and earn and get a few points here and there.. I don't see how some people get as many points as they do.. They really work at it I guess..