Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rainy Day Wednesday

Well it's another rainy day here in East TN.. Getting ready to head off to work.. Just wanted to drop by and check in.

Me and my gf from work got out last night about 2am and went DD'ing.. Didn't find anything but had fun together. We are gonna keep at it until we find something. I am in a lot of DD groups on Facebook and you should see the pics these people post of their hauls.. I want! I want! lol..

I shipped all my yerdle shipments off on Tuesday. Got an email from Yerdle telling me they had canceled two of my orders because I didn't get my shipments to UPS in time.. Ohh! That made me mad. Anyways, I sent them a nice little email back explaining that yes I did get my orders there on time. And finally when they saw that I had I finally got my points where I "gave" my stuff away. I was starting to get really upset and started to give them negative feedback. But all worked out, so I can and will probably use them again to get rid of unwanted stuff.. Or I am thinking about just posting them on facebook in the online yard sales.. Does anyone ever do that?/ The online yard sales?? I love my tanning bed that I got off of my local online yard sale.. been using it every other day so that I don't get burned.

Anyways, gotta run and get ready for work! Hope everyone is having a great evening!! Hope to hear from you soon..

Take Care!