Saturday, December 12, 2015

Frugal Living at it's Finest

Hey yall!! You know I'm all about living frugally and making sure I don't spend too much money each payday.. Well some of my items came in the mail that I got GREAT deals on and just wanted to share with yall..

I got my ELF products today.. yay!! I have been waiting on this setting powder that I LOVE!! It makes your makeup stay on all day long.. I especially need that for work.. Here's a pic of my ELF products that I ordered..
I can't wait to try the ELF SHIMMERING FACIAL WHIP!! That's one I haven't tried yet.. But if you guys are looking for a face powder that really sets your makeup and lasts all day.. You should really try the ELF PERFECT FINISH HD POWDER.. It's translucent.. plus it's only $6.. This is my second time ordering it.. So it is def becoming a staple among my makeup..

And then I also got a YERDLE package that I have been waiting on.. I ordered some indoor tanning lotion. Only paid 5YERDLE $$ Dollars for it.. and I think like $7 for shipping and service fee that YERDLE charged me.. still better than like $30 bucks at tanning salons.. Its a brand new full bottle.. Here's a pic of it.. It's called Australian Gold "Scientific Velocity". has bronzer in it.. Can't wait to use it tonight when I tan...
Sorry the pic is sideways!! URGH.. that's the way my camera imported it on my computer.. Anyways, just wanted to share with you some of my items that I received in the mail.. I love getting goodies in the mail.. I will be doing a blog post on some more cute stickers and journaling cards I found on Pinterest.. So I will talk to you guys soon!!! Hugs and Kisses from Me