Sunday, December 27, 2015

Great Finds on the Wish App

Hey guys! I hope everyone is recovering from Christmas overload! lol.. And I hope all of you guys out there had a great Christmas with your loved ones.. Mine was, well kinda Meh... I had to work a 12 hour shift on Christmas Eve... So Christmas day was spent recovering and trying to get woken up good.. Oh the life of a Third Shift Worker.. Can anyone relate? 

Anyways, the topic of my post is the Wish app or  Have you ever used it or heard about it? Well I hadn't until my daughter told me about it.. Then I looked up some reviews on it through YouTube of course.. It has mixed reviews.. But from what I have heard as long as you read the reviews that people leave before you buy an item, you should be ok..

Well I found some great deals.. I mean really inexpensive, cute deals.. I couldn't believe the prices.. So I ordered a few things to see what's up.. Now, i'm playing the waiting  From what I've heard it takes quite a while to get your items.. Some up to like a month.. But that's ok.. Because the items that I ordered, i'm not in a rush to get..

(*This is a very old blog post that I wrote years ago. So ignore how it looks! lol.. I now have my own site that I OWN over at I would love for you to visit me over there! I promise you that it looks way better than these amateur ramblings of a newbie blogger! lol. yes I can laugh at myself. Because if it weren't for first posts like these I wouldn't be doing better now! Anyway come check out my new blog guys!!!*)

Here are some of the things that I am patiently waiting on.. The prices are unbelievably cheap.. The first thing is a 24 Lipstick Holder.. It is $3 plus $1 shipping.. here is the pic

I think this is the same one that coupontoprovide.. on youtube was talking about in one of her videos.. If you don't watch her video's you really should.. She has awesome DIY'S as well as coupon hauls and all kinds of cool stuff on her channel..

The next thing I ordered was 10 rolls of rainbow washi tape.. it was $2 plus $1 shipping.. here is the pic for it
I can't wait to use the washi tape.. $2 bucks for 10 rolls.. that is a great deal.. I hope it turns out to be a good deal..

 ok the next thing I ordered was some dupe MAC powder.. I ordered 2 of them.. They were dirt cheap like $1 each plus $1 shipping.. This one had great reviews.. that is the only reason I ordered it.. And if it is as good as the reviews says it is.. Then I will def be ordering more..

Then I ordered these 8 piece makeup brushes for $3 plus $1 shipping.. great reviews on it also.. here is the pic
And the last thing I ordered was an acrylic makeup holder for $2 plus $1 shipping.. It's so cute and pink.. really girly looking.. I got it to put all of my brushes in.. or at least some of my makeup brushes in.. Here is what it looks like

When I receive my items, I will def post pics and tell you if they were good items to purchase from that site or CRAP.. we shall see.. I really hope they turn out good.. the only thing negative that I have really heard people complain about it the sizing of the clothes.. Well this stuff is coming from like China and places like that.. So i'm sure their sizing charts are probably a bit different than ours.. so if I ever order clothes thru them.. I am going to get them like 2 sizes bigger than what I would normally wear.. They have some really pretty clothes on there too.. Anyways, do you use wish? If so, what do you think about it? Drop me a line and let me know what you think of the whole WISH APP thang!! I would appreciate any feedback.. Bye for now.. xoxo....