Monday, December 21, 2015

Organizing Your Desktop

Hey guys! Here lately I have been messing around with PicMonkey and making all kinds of cute designs and collages.. Well I found this awesome way to help organize my desktop for my computer thru Pinterest using PicMonkey.. I have to say I think it looks awesome..

Here is what my layout looks like... Then all you have to do is organize your icons in the appropriate sections.. Here is a pic of my layout... 

I found the tutorial for it here at  I heart planners ...She goes thru it step by step for you in a video.. And makes it really simple to do.. This is for Mac users I think.. So I will list another link for PC users HERE..  Her site is called Moritz Fine Designs   Very awesome website.. Both of these Blogs are awesome.. I can't wait to explore them more..
Here are a couple of screenshots of my desktop with some of my icons organized.. I am loving it so far..


Sorry the shots are a lil dark.. I don't know what is up with the lighting in my bedroom.. must be too dim.. anyways.. Just thought I would share.. I really like this idea.. Go on over to these wonderful Blogs I linked to and check it out for yourself.. These ladies do awesome work and I am so glad I found them on Pinterest..

That's all for now.. Hope you enjoyed this lil post.. And I hope it helped you in some small way.. I know it did me.. I hope you have a great day today! And I will be back to post some more great ideas for organizing and what-not when I run across them.. And I would love for you to share any and all organizing tips you get with ME!  Bye for now!!