Friday, December 4, 2015

Podcasts Anyone?

Hi guys! How is everyone doing this evening? (this day has flown by for me).. I hope everyone is doing well.. I was laying here relaxing, thinking about work in the next few hours... Kinda dreading it, but kinda not.. Might as well get it over with, eh?

I haven't done too much organizing or cleaning today.. Just kinda resting before I have to go in and work the next 12 hours. Third Shift takes a lot out of me and has me totally messed up anymore. On my days off, I am up at all kinds of odd hours in the night.. Usually researching things on Pinterest or Google.. Watching video's on "How To" on YouTube.. etc, etc...It is not rare to see my lights on all throughout the night.. With a full pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen. Oh, I know.. i'm weird that way.. Thus the life of a third shift worker.. Us Night Owls...

Anyways, the title of this post is Podcasts.. So, let us talk about podcasts.. I was laying in my tanning bed a couple of hours ago.. I have my handy dandy "laptop" of course beside me on a side table.. I decided to use my computer for entertainment instead of my stereo while I aimlessly lay tanning.. So I pulled up IheartRadio.. And they have some very awesome Podcasts you can listen too.. I had no clue.. I mean am I seriously behind the times or what.. It was amazeballs!!! I could literally listen to my favorite subjects while I lay around.. I was tickled..

One that I found that wasn't on IheartRadio.. Well it might be but I didn't know how to search for it.. lol.. I just found her on a site.. Anyways she has some pretty killer podcasts.. and it was on A SLOB COMES CLEAN .. She has oodles and oodles of podcasts on time management.. (which I so desperately need to get better at) cleaning, decluttering.. organizing.. you name it.. It's there.. Love, love, love her site. Give her a listen.. you will be glad you did..

And then on my IheartRadio... I listened to a station under podcasts called "Pratically Posh".. Wonderful lil show.. Oh I love it.. it's a "Smart Girl's Guide to a Glam Life".. their motto.. and it really is.. It is jammed packed full of practical advice and tips to help you Glam up your life.. Without spending a fortunte.. Gave me some really great ideas and inspired me during my lil tanning session today..

Just wanted to pass along the goodies that I ran across.. I love finding sites and listening to Podcasts like these.. Just really gets the inspiration vibe juiced up real good, ya know.. What are some of the great Podcasts that you listen to?  and do you listen to Podcasts?? I always love listening to Dave Ramsey.. Man, I wish I was that good with money!!!

Well gotta run.. Time to get ready for work and go make that all mighty dollar $$$.. cha ching.. lol.. I wish!! one of these days I will have a better paying job.. But for now, at least I am working.. And the job I have is rewarding when it comes to helping other people.. I just wish they paid better. They really should considering..But I won't list my gripes here! I will RESTRAIN!!! lol.. Have a great evening yall!