Monday, January 11, 2016

Cute Little Bow Clip for My Happy Planner

Check out this cute little bow clip I made for my Happy Planner (by MAMBI )

I got this tutorial from Alexis @Miss Trenchcoat's Blog STANGE & CHARMED.. So this is in no way shape or form my design.. All I did was watch her video on YOUTUBE.. Then went to her blog and downloaded the template for the bow...So all rights go to her..

I watch her video's all the time on YouTube and am subscribed to her.. I love everything Planner related.. And she has some awesome tutorials and ideas on how to make your own accessories for your planner.. As well as make your own planner..

I left her a comment on her blog telling her how much I loved her bow clip that she designed and told her that I couldn't wait to make mine and link back to her's.. So here it is..

One thing about mine tho is that mine is WAY smaller than what it is actually supposed to be.. But that's ok.. Because I still think it turned out WAY CUTE!!!  You are supposed to scale it to 100% when you print out the template.. (wellllll I kinda FORGOT that part!! lol)  So mine ended up being mini bows.. And also, I didn't have any scrapbooking paper to use, so I had to use construction paper.. I know it's not going to be as sturdy as the scrapbooking paper, but that's ok.. because I just have it in there for looks for now.. (until my broke butt can get to the store and buy some scrapbook paper  lol)... 

Ok here it is. And I just think it turned out so-ooo cute for a first time try at making them.. I can't wait to make them the RIGHT SIZE and with the RIGHT KIND OF PAPER..

it's a lil crooked, but my next try should be better!!

Anyways, just wanted to share... I love doing DIY'S.. and I love learning new things.. And sharing great finds with everybody.. If you don't already follow Alexis on YouTube or any other platform, you really should.. she is awesome.. and always has inspiring videos, blog posts, etc.. Here is her YouTube channel Alexis aka Miss Trenchcoat.  She is on all forms of social media.. I'm sure everyone has already heard of her, but if you haven't.. she is def one to follow.. like I do.. And Alexis if you are reading this.. I LOVE MY LIL BOW CLIP.. thank you so much for showing me how to make them.. and giving us the free download to the template.. can't wait to share with my family and friends!!! xoxo