Sunday, January 10, 2016

Freebie Alert

Freebies that I have found for this week.. thought yall might like some too.. ain't that sweet of me?? lol... I thought so too.. so without further ado.. here are the links.. hurry and get your info sent in.. you know how fast these free samples can go..

Free Always liners here
Free Denver Bronco's Fan Pack here
Free U by Kotex (they only have the tampon sample left)here
Free Subscription to Shape Magazine here
Free Subscription to Family Fun Magazine here
Free Subscription to Family Circle Magazine here

Free Subscription to Martha Stewart Living here
Free Equate Liner Sample here
Free Poise Liner Sample kit here
Free 1 year subscription to Bride's Magazine here

I love getting freebies in the mail and am constantly signing up for all kinds of free samples and things.. So if you are like me and love getting freebies in the mail.. I would make an extra email account just for things like this.. that is what I did.. that way your normal email doesn't get clogged up.. And we all know how long it takes to delete emails.. URGH!!! My inbox is like way too full right now.. and I don't even feel like going and deleting them.. so.. I guess that is all for now.. I have got to get up and get a movin'... love yall... xoxo..