Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How about some FREE STUFF for Today?

Some free samples/stuff I have found for you for today!! Hope you enjoy.. ;)

Hi guys!! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I have been so busy with work this past weekend, I haven't had much time to do anything.. Except go back and forth to work and come home and crash out.. And I have been dying to get on my blog and put out some posts..

Here are a few great finds I have found for you today (and for me.. cuz you know I'm all about thrifty and free!!) 

Dove shamp & cond sample HERE

 Free Sample Nature's Plus Animal Parade Kid Greenz  HERE

U by Kotex.. Hurry on this one they only have the full size tampon sample left HERE

 FREE personalized Kleenex Care Pack HERE

FREE NetScout 2016 Calendar HERE  *I love getting free calendars in the mail.. there are endless DIY'S that you can do with calendars besides their average use.. I like to use the pictures out of them for scrapbooking, or even to use in my home made planners that I make..

Here is a free offer for a t-shirt from Nerds.. HERE 
* you do have to like their facebook page.. they want you to leave your email in the comments, but you can do like I did and opt to email them with FREE T-SHIRT in the subject line.. This will be a cool freebie if and when we get it.. I told them I was gonna link to their page.. So just wanted to let you guys know that.. I know it's an extra step.. but this one might be worth it..

I don't know about you, but I love getting FREE stuff in the mail. It's cool to get something just about everyday.. you never know what you are gonna get each day.. remember sometimes it takes up to 4 weeks or longer to get them.. so just be patient.. they will come!!

The reason I only post a few FREEBIES at a time is that a lot of the freebies that I get sent to me, you have to sign up for surveys, or join this to get that.. And I know that aggravates me.. So I only post the one's that I can find that have direct links to the sample/freebie.. There is nothing worse than clicking a bunch of links only to find out you have to do a survey to get some small little sample.. you will not find that on this blog.. I hate doing those stupid surveys.. And I will not put yall thru that. lol

I remember when I first started looking up freebies online.. And I was promised "oh if you sign up for this site and do survey's, you can make money online.." And it would take all this clicking to different kind of crazy things.. And finally I was like.. This is nuts!! And a big waste of time.. So I hate those kinds of sites and I hate having to click thru umpteenth pages just to get to one freebie.. I wouldn't think that you would want to either.. That is why I don't have a long huge lists of freebies when I do post them.. because I want you guys to only receive the best samples out there!! The kind of samples that I myself want to receive..

I hope you enjoy your freebies for today!! I can't wait to get mine.. I might start a category just for freebies.. And start posting pics of mine when they come in the mail.. If you have a freebie that I don't know about.. Please leave it in the comments and I will be sure to check it out!! As always