Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Happy Planner and Me; Starting on This Week's Layout

I just love my Happy Planner.. I have had it since November now.. It is my constant companion.. Whether I am at work or at home, my Happy Planner is by my side..

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well today.. It is a very snowy, cold day here in the mountains of East Tennessee.. I am so glad that I am off work this weekend.. I would have hated the thought of getting out on these icy roads to go to work.. Especially working 3rd shift and having to drive on icy roads in the dark.. Kinda makes it all a little more eerie.. Anyways, today's topic is about my happy planner...

And for anyone that has been reading any of my blog posts at any stage of my blogging.. you have to know that I love planners by now.. lol.. I love the thought of planners.. I love decorating them.. I love finding new ideas for my planner.. but the one thing that I need to stick to.. is to actually use it for time management and my to do lists!! (which are never ending).. I am trying my best to get my life organized.. And working third shift really makes it a battle sometimes.. being a procrastinator doesn't help either.. but oh well.. what can you do???

Ok let's get on with planning for this week shall we?  We need to think of color combo's, stickers, washi, journaling cards, etc..

I love to use all kinds of different things to decorate my planner with.. but still the main focus on our planners should always be time management and getting your to do's done!! Or better yet, accomplishing your GOALS.. the steps leading up to your goals.. if you begin to write out your goals, then you can also write out "ways to or steps to your Goals".. that is what I am going for this week..

It's time to get down to business.. Buckle down and get some stuff done!! So I am going to write out my to do's for Monday.. And everything that I don't get done on that day, will get transferred to the next day.. And so on, until eventually it WILL GET DONE!! Here is a pic of what I have planned for Monday.. I am still working on my goals.. And will list them at another date.. That will take a little more thinking on my part.. Seeing as how it is 7am my time.. I think planning ahead for Monday should be safe enough for now.. As I continue to plan in my beautiful HAPPY PLANNER I will update this blog as I go..

For Monday:

It's coming along.. a little bit at a time.. slow and steady wins the race.. And plus I don't want to make a big mess in my planner if I write too much and then don't accomplish my tasks.. lol.. ya know what i'm sayin'? 

One page has my todo's for Monday.. in the side margin's has any main THINGS that I really need to get done by no later than this week! On the other side of my planner I have added a lil to do note card.. To let me see what I am still working on for Sunday.. Then when I get finished with it, it can come out. I have my work schedule penned in for the whole month.. So that I will always know what days I am working, and what days I am off.. plus all of my paydays.. yeah my whole two paydays a month... lol.. anyhoo.. hope you like it.. maybe it will give you some kind of ideas for your planners.. or time management goals or whatever it is that you are working on..

What kind of planner do you use? Have you tried the Happy Planner yet? I noticed they are marked way down to $12 and some change now.. Great deal!! What all do you keep up with in your planners? Do you decorate it? I don't go all out with mine.. I like to be able to see what I need to be doing.. and actually try to stick to some kind of schedule.. Sometimes, it's hard to do.. but at least I am trying.. I will do it.. I know I will.. I just have to get back into some kind of routine..

Well that is gonna be it for this morning.. (I would say night, but it is now 7:22am..and I started working on this blog post last like around 4am.. ) thank you for taking the time to read my lil blog post and I hope you enjoy my little space in the huge blogosphere.. till next time.. xoxo