Friday, January 8, 2016

Some of the Ways I Get Nice Products for Cheap!

Here are some of the ways that I get some of the stuff I use for CHEAP!

Hi guys.. I hope everybody is doing ok today!! It's FRIDAY and i'm OFF work this weekend!! YAY ME!! lol.. Well I got some of my packages that I was expecting in the mail this week and just thought that I would share them with you like I always do..

I love getting ELF products.. They are so affordable and I usually buy one or two things each payday to add to my stash of makeup..

I know everyone has heard of ELF .. They have lots of very nice beauty products and brushes on there site that you can get for a really low price.. I love everything I get through them.. If I don't have a lot to spend on cosmetics and even if I do, I love going to there site and finding all kinds of goodies.

This last week I ordered some brushes and got a bronzer palette for free.. If you shop through them quite a bit like I do, you will get emails from them with special deals.. Sometimes you will get free shipping and other times they will throw in products for FREE..

So I received an email from them stating on my next purchase that I could get a bronzer palette for free no matter how small of a purchase.. So I went to there site and went to brushes and filtered my search by clicking the little $1 box.. There I found some awesome brushes that I was going to order anyways..

I ordered an "Eyelash and Brow Wand" for a $1.. then I got the bronzer palette for FREE.

I also got two of there "Blending Brushes" for $1 each at Walmart.. Here is a pic I took of them for you 
Those blending brushes are AWESOME! They are so easy to use and make my eyeshadow look so good!
If your local Walmart sells ELF you should check out their assortment of brushes and makeup.. really great prices..
I also ordered their primer.. I ordered the "mineral infused face primer" for $3 bucks.. And I really like it.. It works great!!
Here is a pic of the lil bronzer kit that I got...
It is the Elf Cool Bronzer

Yall know that I also like to use YERDLE to get rid of stuff and to get stuff too!!

Well I was on YERDLE one day and I typed in ELF and I found a really good deal on some elf products that someone was "giving" away for like $35 YERDLE $$.. So it all was basically free except for paying shipping and a small service fee of $2.. The shipping price is almost always $5 unless you have racked up enough "gives" to receive free shipping..

So thru YERDLE I got a "Baked Eyeshadow Palette", another "contouring and bronzer palette", and also a single bronzer in "maui"... I love the eyeshadow palette the best. Very nice colors.. Here is a pic of them..

If you go to  you can also sign up for YERDLE and I think it is supposed to start you out with $35 yerdle dollars to spend.. So basically you are getting an item, whatever that item might be, but you are really only paying the shipping and svc charge.. I think if I can remember correctly that on your first order that shipping is free?? Don't quote me on that, I could be wrong.. But hey it's fun and I love "giving" and "getting" thru YERDLE.. I think you would like it too..

I am slowly but surely building up my makeup stock.. I am getting so much now that I am gonna have to find me a new makeup organizer to keep all my stuff in.. Right now I have been using a Sterilite Container that I bought at the Dollar Store for like $5..

It's a little messy.. lol.. So I think that I am going to go on and find me some cheap organizers to put all my stuff in..

Speaking of WISH.. This came in the mail today!!

It's my WASHI TAPE that I ordered off of Wish like a week or so ago.. I got ten rolls for like a $1.. plus $1 shipping.. It got here really fast considering how on some of the reviews that you read on Wish, most people say it takes almost a month to get there stuff.. Didn't take that long for the washi to come.. I still have some more things that I ordered thru them that I am waiting on. Just lil $1-$3 items.. Can't wait to get the rest of it..

Sorry this is such a long post.. These are just 3 ways that I get some stuff for cheap.. What are some of the ways that you are FRUGAL in your life?? I know I love to get freebies in the mail.. I always sign up for free samples.. And I HAVE GOT TO GET BACK INTO COUPONING. You would not believe some of the awesome things I have gotten, just by taking the time to use a coupon with a product.. Anyways, I guess I have talked your head off for today.. I really hope you enjoy reading my post... I can't wait to hear from yall out there.. Leave a comment and let me know how you get great deals.. I would love to hear from you!! Take care! xoxo