Saturday, January 2, 2016

Some Printables to Help Stay Organized

Some Printables To Help Keep You Organized

Hey guys! Just a quick little post about a site that I LOVE where I get a lot of my free
 printables that I use to help keep me on track.. I have used this site for many years
 now.. And I recommend it to anyone that is trying to get organized or trying to stay
 organized.. (like me)...

You might have heard of it already.. But this site has so many great FREE downloads
 on it.. I use the calendar template and so many other printables.. there are just too
 many to list.. Here is the link to the site PRINTABLE PAPER 

And here are just a few of the printables that I use just to give you an example..
 Here are some of the great freebies that I have printed out for my own personal use..
The first one is a "daily spending" tracker.. this really comes in handy if you are
 trying to budget..

 The next one that I use is a blank calendar template.. The site has all kinds of calendars.
You can take your pick of pre-filled  or blank.. Here is what it looks like

 and the last one I downloaded for today is a general checklist or to do list..
I was in a hurry.. so I wasn't too picky.. but there are so many beautiful freebies
 to choose from.. you will love this site.. anyways, here is the to do list I chose

 So whatever you need help with, whether it be making your own planners, starting a budget, or whatever I am sure you will be able to find it on this website..

 What sites do you turn to when you are trying to get organized? Do you use free printables
 off the internet as much as I do or do you make your own?

 Eventually I think when I have the time I am going to look into making my own printables
 to share on here.. but have yet to take the time and sit down and design some.. But we'll
 see how that goes..

 I am all about sharing all these wonderful blogs and/or sites on here.. there are so many
 creative people online these days that do amazing things.. I am just in awe of them..
 and this site is def one of the top one's that I have found. It has thousands
 of freebies.. 

Gotta go for now.. Time to get ready for work.. xoxo