Thursday, February 25, 2016

It's Giveaway Time! (Gold Dot Happy Planner & Stickers)

Ok guys! It's finally Here... The Happy Planner that I have been patiently waiting to come so that I can give it to one of YOU!!! It is a beautiful Gold Dot Planner and I have included a packet of Gold Foil Stickers for you to get started decorating it..

Giveaway Time!! Here are the details..

This is a product that I bought MYSELF.. I am in no way affiliated with Mambi or Blitzy.. Mambi is the maker of the Happy Planner and Blitzy is the company that I went thru to buy the planner..

So, let's get down to it.. In order to get in on the giveaway you must be subscribed to my blog and "like" my facebook page.. The giveaway will end on Friday 2/26 at midnight eastern standard time..

Here is the link to my facebook page .. While your there you can hit the sign up button and it will bring you back here to my blog to subscribe.. You must comment on my facebook page that you liked and subscribed to my blog in order to be entered in the giveaway!!!

Then on Saturday morning after everyone has entered, I will randomly select a number.. Then I will go to my facebook page and if you are the _?_ number person commented, then you will be the winner!! I hope that makes sense to you!!! There will be a pinned post on my facebook page for you to comment that you have liked Third Shift Living and subscribed to the blog...I will announce the winner on Saturday.. Please be sure to keep up with my facebook page.. I will give the winner 48 hours to contact me with their info.. After that if no one has claimed, I will choose another winner!!
Ok guys!! Good Luck!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Creating A Vision Board

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Hi guys! Today's post is all about creating a vision board.. One of the main reasons that I felt compelled to create a vision board for myself was I have been self doubting myself lately.. Been feeling so unmotivated.. And needing some major self evaluation and focus!! Have you ever felt like that? Just kinda don't really know what direction your life is headed? Or even what direction that you want it to go? 

Well that is what inspired me to start making a "VISION BOARD".  I have been wanting to take on this project for a while now.. And somehow today just WAS THE DAY!! I really needed this..

Creating a vision board to help you to live your life with INTENTION.. To actively pursue your goals with INTENTION and FOCUS! To bring CLARITY to your LIFE...To listen to your HEART... And to make your DREAMS a REALITY... Basically "What do you want to do with your life?" or "What do you want OUT of LIFE?"

Friday, February 12, 2016

My Happy Planner and Me Update Giveaway Coming Soon!

My Happy Planner & Me Update: Giveaway Coming Soon!!

Hey guys!! Just wanted to share some news with you today!!

I am planning a GIVEAWAY here in the next couple of weeks!!

What am I "giving away" you might ask??  Well I just ordered 2 more "Happy Planners".. And since I cannot possibly use 3 planners at one time...(or can I, lol).. I thought that it would be a great GIVEAWAY item!! I am sure you remember the "Happy Planner" that I am using at the moment.. oh I love it..

Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Attempts at Crochet

Hey guys.. Whew this weekend has flown by! I have been so busy, even though this was my week off from work (I took some paid time off) I feel like I didn't get much at all accomplished.. Although I did get some great family time in. I guess that ALONE was worth it..

Anyways, I was attempting to show my daughter, my youngest how to crochet.. You know stuff like crochet is almost a lost art these days.. I was teaching her how to regular crochet as well as use a loom.. Well she stayed with it for awhile, then it was off to play video games and get online and mess around..

Last year I was crocheting constantly.. This year, not so much.. Its like I will get into a hobby and then stop for awhile when something else catches my interest.. I have been told that I am a scanner.. A scanner is someone who has a lot of interests not just one or two and thinks there is something wrong with them.. This is ME to a T!!! I have so many interests.. I will get interested in something, then all of the sudden something else will interest me and I will be off doing the next thing.. If you think that you too might be a scanner, check out this video on youtube.. it will let you know..HERE


" But I have also learned, that a scanner while interested in many things will learn about whatever subject they are interested in at that time, do it until they have learned what they need to, then hop on to another interest just that fast. And all the time, I have been thinking there was something wrong with me.. Why I couldn't stick with one thing.. Why I didn't know what I wanted to "be" when I grow up (still don't).. Well there is a word for people like that and since I am like that and am always looking to learn something new all the time.. I found out I was a scanner in the process.."

Still here I am off topic as usual.. This brings me to the title of this post.. And that is my attempts at crochet.. I love to crochet.. I love to make things with my hands.. I love to make things for around the house.. like decorations, and stuff to wear like scarfs. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Books I'm Reading This Month

Some of the books that I am immersing myself  into this month.. needing to get back to basics and back to why I love to write.. The biggest reason that I love to write is mainly because I love to read!! I have always loved to read..

Hey guys.. I thought I would share some of the books I am reading this month... Well trying to get thru them all...

Here the last few months I haven't been reading nearly as much as I would like to.. Working on my blog and social media along with work has really been taking up a lot of my time... And I miss immersing myself in a good book.. Letting it take me away to some far off land in some far off place and time.. Whether it be fiction or non-fiction, I learn so much just by reading....  

All that being said, here are a few of the books that I am reading this month.. And who knows, it will probably take me into next month as well... But that's ok.. As long as I am making time for it, that is all that matters to me! 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Yerdle Items Came Today

Hey!! Just wanted to share with you another couple of YERDLE packages I received in the mail.. I didn't even know they were out there, until we opened the front door this morning.. and there they were.. Yay!! I love getting packages in the mail..

I was surprised at how fast my items came.. But here is all that I got for today.. I have more coming.. The only reason I have so many this time, was because I was lucky enough to win 21 free shipping credits.. so that meant, that I only had to pay the service charge of $2 each for everything I ordered.. so each pic that you will see only cost me $2 each..

The first items that I got were a Day Planner with brand new pack of refills and a book that looked interesting called "The Cross Centered Life" by C.J Mahaney...

The next items I was very happy to get.. it was a bundle of uniforms for my work.. there are 3 pair of scrub pants and 5 scrub shirts.. very pretty colors.. I hope they end up fitting me ok. if they don't I will just Re-Yerdle them.. anyways here they are 

And the last thing I got for today was a thing of Ponds Cold Cream that I was needing anyways.. I love it.. it is a huge bottle.. I am very happy with my items.. Can't wait to get the rest..

All in all it was a great deal..I still have over $100 in Yerdle dollars.. So plenty more shopping I can do.. I have introduced plenty of my friends at work and at home to Yerdle.. And they seem to like it too.. Here is my referral link, if you think you would like to get started Yerdling like me.. You will automatically get $35 yerdle dollars to spend on whatever you like, plus free shipping on your first order.. So, what are you waiting for..

 There are plenty of things for everyone on this site.. men, women, children, electronics, hobbies, makeup, home d├ęcor, so much to choose from.. and it is constantly being updated every second of the day.. give it a try and see if you like it.. here is the link to get you $35 dollars to start with.. YERDLE $35 dollars  make sure to use that link to check out yerdle.. if you don't you will only get $25 dollars to start.. so $35 is better, right? plus free shipping on your first item.. great deal..

 I am sure that you will like it.. I love using yerdle.. I am so glad that someone had a link out that I used for the first time.. anyways, it's 7am.. gonna get up and make me a pot of coffee and plan my day out.. crazy sleeping habits when i'm off work!!

Talk to you all later!!!!


Monday, February 1, 2016

Got My Beauty Blender Today

Got a great deal on the Beauty Blender thru the DERMSTORE Got 2 Beauty Blenders plus a thing of cleanser for them for $21 bucks.. Great deal!! It was $40 bucks for the Trio.. So really really Awesome deal!!.....

I have been wanting to try the Beauty Blender for some time now.. I have watched countless videos on YouTube from all the Makeup Guru's that swear by this thing.. Can't wait to give it a try.. I really hope it works like everyone says it does..

I was surprised at how fast they came in the mail.. I just ordered it I think on Thursday or Friday one, I can't remember.. but got it today.. Monday.. That was really fast.. I am so excited to do my makeup tomorrow and see how this thing works.. I have heard some awesome things about the BB and I am ready to give it a try..

We'll see how it turns out, and I will post pics... Hope yall are having a great night out there.. Anyone using the BB right now? How do you like it?