Sunday, February 21, 2016

Creating A Vision Board

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Hi guys! Today's post is all about creating a vision board.. One of the main reasons that I felt compelled to create a vision board for myself was I have been self doubting myself lately.. Been feeling so unmotivated.. And needing some major self evaluation and focus!! Have you ever felt like that? Just kinda don't really know what direction your life is headed? Or even what direction that you want it to go? 

Well that is what inspired me to start making a "VISION BOARD".  I have been wanting to take on this project for a while now.. And somehow today just WAS THE DAY!! I really needed this..

Creating a vision board to help you to live your life with INTENTION.. To actively pursue your goals with INTENTION and FOCUS! To bring CLARITY to your LIFE...To listen to your HEART... And to make your DREAMS a REALITY... Basically "What do you want to do with your life?" or "What do you want OUT of LIFE?"

A Vision Board is basically a visual reminder of where you want to be in your life and where you want to go!! What are your dreams and aspirations?  What can you do step by step to make them a reality?

Here are the steps that I took to make my "Vision Board".. This is just an example of what I did to create mine.. What you do with yours is totally up to you!! Have fun with it.. but at the same time BE INTENTIONAL...

I didn't have any poster board on hand and I really wanted to get this vision board CREATED.. So I just used a plain old cardboard box that I broke down.. Then I covered it with different colored construction paper.. Cheap version.. Really I was just going with what I had on hand.. Poster board or cork board would probably be the better choice.. But I was on a mission today!! I was gonna get myself out of this RUT!!
I stapled it on the cardboard!! lol

Next I gathered up some supplies that I thought would work good.. I used magazines, print-outs from the computer, markers, glue stick, scissors, push pins and my paper cutter.. I used the paper cutter to cut down some of the printables and the construction paper.. The magazines, I went through and found powerful, descriptive WORDS to use.. You can print out motivational quotes, or type out your words if you don't feel like scouring magazines for descriptive words!! But I liked the way that it looked.. The different sizes and fonts that were used.. Makes it stand out more I think..

I also printed out a head shot (photo) that I had to put in the center of the board.. And I worked outward from my photo!!
I used a photo editor to add some text to the head shot, then printed it out..

Some ideas that you might want to include on your vision board are your goals for your business if you have one or are wanting to start one.. financial goals, fitness goals, relationship goals (LOVE), family goals,  motivational or inspiring quotes.. uplifting powerful WORDS or adjectives to describe your life as you want it to be.. Do you want a big house, a nice car, nice clothes, better spiritual health, to be more fit, etc?..    This really has helped me start to feel FOCUSED on what I WANT OUT OF MY LIFE!!

The following pics are in no random order.. These are different pics of my vision board to give you an idea of some of the powerful words that I found and decided to use in my board.. And this is not a finished product.. I plan on adding to my VISION BOARD as I feel the urge or need to..

And finally here is the not-so finished product...
I plan on filling it up to capacity.. And eventually moving to a giant corkboard background, I think.

I placed my Vision Board where I can SEE it every day and every night.. Upon waking THERE IT IS!! My hope is that this vision board will one day soon manifest itself into "My Life".. These are my dreams.. These are my goals that I aspire to each and every day.. And the only way to achieve my goals are to just GO FOR IT!!

After taking on this project and completing it today, I already feel more focused!! I feel like my goals are ATTAINABLE and within REACH!! I have never felt like that about my goals before.. I usually just list my goals down in my planner.. but that's all it was.. a list.. I don't know but this feels different.. I actually feel like I am going to achieve my goals and make my life what I WANT IT TO BE!! It's a very inspiring feeling.. And one that I hope that you get out of your own vision board, should you so decide to make one!!

PS.. By the way if you have been following my BLOG, then you know that I am getting ready to have a GIVEAWAY.. I just wanted yall to know that I haven't forgotten about it, I am just waiting on the HAPPY PLANNERS and STICKERS to arrive in the mail.. lol.. Oh I wish they would come already!! I am excited to have this GIVEAWAY.. As this will be my very first one.. And hopefully lead to more in the future!! I love Giving Back.. And will do so as much as I possibly can as my finances allow!!

Well guess that is it for today's post (or should I say night?).. I hope this post helped you in some small way.. Till next time..