Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Attempts at Crochet

Hey guys.. Whew this weekend has flown by! I have been so busy, even though this was my week off from work (I took some paid time off) I feel like I didn't get much at all accomplished.. Although I did get some great family time in. I guess that ALONE was worth it..

Anyways, I was attempting to show my daughter, my youngest how to crochet.. You know stuff like crochet is almost a lost art these days.. I was teaching her how to regular crochet as well as use a loom.. Well she stayed with it for awhile, then it was off to play video games and get online and mess around..

Last year I was crocheting constantly.. This year, not so much.. Its like I will get into a hobby and then stop for awhile when something else catches my interest.. I have been told that I am a scanner.. A scanner is someone who has a lot of interests not just one or two and thinks there is something wrong with them.. This is ME to a T!!! I have so many interests.. I will get interested in something, then all of the sudden something else will interest me and I will be off doing the next thing.. If you think that you too might be a scanner, check out this video on youtube.. it will let you know..HERE


" But I have also learned, that a scanner while interested in many things will learn about whatever subject they are interested in at that time, do it until they have learned what they need to, then hop on to another interest just that fast. And all the time, I have been thinking there was something wrong with me.. Why I couldn't stick with one thing.. Why I didn't know what I wanted to "be" when I grow up (still don't).. Well there is a word for people like that and since I am like that and am always looking to learn something new all the time.. I found out I was a scanner in the process.."

Still here I am off topic as usual.. This brings me to the title of this post.. And that is my attempts at crochet.. I love to crochet.. I love to make things with my hands.. I love to make things for around the house.. like decorations, and stuff to wear like scarfs. 

 I have a wonderful friend that I work with, Angie,  that can make anything under the sun.. she is so very talented.. She has a facebook page as well as an etsy shop.. If you would like to see some of her gorgeous work here is her facebook page Crochet Stuff and More.  And here is the link to her etsy shop AKayCrochetCreations   

These are a few of her crochet items!! Check it out.. love her work..

Her work is so beautiful.. and I am not kidding when I say that this girl can make anything.. I wish I had half her talent when it comes to crocheting..
Here are some of the things that I have made so far..
 I made that blue and black scarf with a loom.. it turned out pretty good  :)
 cute lil hats.. these really came in handy this winter!! although I have to make Kirk, my bf wear his!

I can't wait till the day that I get half as good as Angie.. But till then, I will keep plugging away at it.. Just thought I would share some things that I have been up to lately, as well as my good friend Angie's work.. Make sure to check out her facebook page as well as her etsy shop.. If you need her to make something for you, I know she would be more than happy to!! her shop again.. check it out.. you know you want to!!  

How bout you...Do you like to crochet? What kind of things do you like to make? I would love to see pics of any and everybody's work.. Or are you a beginner like me? Best place for beginning crochet I have found is YouTube.. That's how I learned how to crochet.. By watching videos, and pausing & rewinding... pausing and rewinding!! lol.. Hey, it works!!

Till next time,


* All pictures that are not my own, were used with permission from the owner...