Friday, February 12, 2016

My Happy Planner and Me Update Giveaway Coming Soon!

My Happy Planner & Me Update: Giveaway Coming Soon!!

Hey guys!! Just wanted to share some news with you today!!

I am planning a GIVEAWAY here in the next couple of weeks!!

What am I "giving away" you might ask??  Well I just ordered 2 more "Happy Planners".. And since I cannot possibly use 3 planners at one time...(or can I, lol).. I thought that it would be a great GIVEAWAY item!! I am sure you remember the "Happy Planner" that I am using at the moment.. oh I love it..

Since I love my "Happy Planner" so much, I know that YOU would love it too!!! I ordered two with the GOLD DOTS on the cover!!! It is so pretty.. Here is a pic directly from Me and My Big Ideas Blog..  I think it is so pretty.. And I also ordered two packages of the gold foil stickers to go along with it.. One package for mine and the other for the giveaway.. Here is a pic of the planner that I am planning on GIVING AWAY as soon as it arrives in the mail!!

this pic is straight off their website.. I love MAMBI products..
and these are the stickers that I ordered to go with it.. aren't they gorgeous??
I cannot wait for them to get here.. I am so excited.. I will be posting the giveaway details soon.. So make sure to check back with ME here at this blog or go to my facebook page and like the page to get updates.. Third Shift Living Facebook Page 
A little bit about the facebook page.. It's not just for people that work third shift.. It is for anybody that wants to participate... I would love it if you would come join our little community..
 We are made up of all kinds of different people.. We work third shift, we work dayshift, we work at home, we don't work at all but stay home and take care of our families..

 It's a community of women and men..

I post about anything and everything.. it is hard to keep the page just about work.. I post DIY'S, crochet, art's and crafts, work related posts, recipes, holiday things.. You never know what you might find on our community page..
 And I say "our" because I want my facebook page that I made to be just that.. A place where "we" can talk, vent, share, etc.. A place to share your life with others.. or not share, it's up to you.. I would love to see the little page grow.. as well as this blog of course.. And have a place that we can call "ours" in this small part of cyberland..
Just imagine what we could do together if we set our minds to it.. I would love to one day be able to "give" to those in need.. Help people that are going thru hardships.. Lift them up, when they are down.. I am by no means well off.. actually I am quite far from it.. I don't think you have to be financially well to do to give though!! If that were the case we would all be in big trouble.. I am hoping that thru this blog of mine that I have created, that I will get the chance to help as many people as I possibly can from all walks of life.. Everybody needs a helping hand.. no matter what your financial status.. An ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on.. Someone to share your joys with as well as your tears..
Anyways, I got off topic as usual.. I do that quite a lot when I get to talking about something that I am passionate about.. OK..
Just make sure to come back to this site and/or check out my facebook page in the link that I listed.. Here it is again, just in case you don't feel like scrolling up!! lol...  MY FACEBOOK PAGE
I will be posting the details of the giveaway as soon as the planner gets here... which should be within at least a week I would say!! 
As always, xoxo