Thursday, April 7, 2016

DIY Planner Stuff

This post is all about DIY your own planner accessories.. I love to find cute things for my planner to make it more appealing to me, so that I will use it more.. Plus it's just fun being part of the #plannercommunity.. There are so many facebook groups, youtube videos, blogs,  etc dedicated to planners.. And I for one never get tired of it..   

Hey guys!! Hope yall are having a great day.. I am off work tonight, so of course I have been on my computer all evening checking out all kinds of cute planners and planner accessories on #Instagram #facebook #youtube , you name it.. I have just gotten so inspired by all the awesome layouts and gorgeous decorations that my #plannerbuddies have been coming out with, that I had to break down and start messing with mine!!!
I have been making page flags.. Got the inspiration for that off of Ebby Does It All on YouTube she has a great YouTube channel and some awesome ideas.. Love following her.. All her info is in her description box if you would like to follow her on all her social media.. Here are the page flags that I made for my Happy Planner..

These are very easy to make.. Especially if you already have any scrapbook paper laying around the house.. I picked that pretty purple color because my weekly layout is done in that color for my #happyplanner... I still have to cut out the rest of them.. But am planning on making many more of these in lots of different colors.. Go to Ebby's YouTube channel and watch her tutorial on it.. She makes it all so simple.. She is so talented and creative..
Next, I decided to make some cute paper clips for my planner.. Oh, how I wish I had a laminator right now.. lol.. But cardstock is just gonna have to do.. I know I am an amateur compared to some of these other great #plannerjunkies out there, but it's still fun trying to make your own "stuff" for your planners..
These are just for personal use only because I did not design the images that I printed out to use.. I grabbed them off of "google image" just like I do my DIY stickers.. So unless you have some images that you would like to use already on your computer, you can go to google images and type in whatever kind of cute lil image that you would like for your paper clips.. just remember to put vector behind it.. And it will pop up all kinds of pretties..
Here's the printout before the big "cut".. I am cutting these out by hand, soooo let's hope it turns out wish I had one of those Silhouette machines that I see a lot of people online using.. Gonna buy me one soon.. I love the way that people use it for making their stickers.. It makes them look so much more professional.. ya know what i'm sayin'? (btw, I forgot to mention that I "inserted" these onto a Microsoft Word doc.. When you do that you can resize them a lil smaller if you need to)

And I found a cute "fashion girl vector" that I used and also a "nurse vector" ... I grabbed the "nurse vector" image so that I can make my friend from work a couple of paper clips for her planner.. She is a nurse and I "think" that she will like it.. I hope so anyways!!
I am using a hot glue gun to glue them onto my paper clip... Just make sure that you have the clip turned the right way before you glue it on.. I have made that mistake before.. lol.. not pretty..

Whatcha' think? Think she will like that one?? I think it turned out pretty good.. still wish that I had a laminator though.. That would def look better and last longer.. Here is one that I made for mine.. Cute lil emoji one.. I love emoji's.. I use them all the time.. Check this one out.. Isn't is sooo cute??

I am writing up this blog post as I make these.. Then I think I am gonna post them on my Instagram and facebook pages when I get finished messing around.. Think my planner bud's will get a kick out of it.. It's just fun to make lil "stuff" like this for your planner.. Anyone can do it.. It's pretty easy..

 Ya know, I never knew how people made all the pretty accessories that they did, until watching YouTube and checking out stuff on Pinterest.. And there are so many beautiful products that you can find on Etsy for your planner too.. Mine is nothing fancy.. But who cares? ya know.. it's fun and it makes my Happy Planner more "me"...

 I am gonna do a few more then get back to learning how to do all these cool things by watching my fellow bloggers and youtubers.. Gonna take a turn at making videos soon.. yeah soon as I get up the nerve... lol.. 

Ok, now back to it.. hmmm, let me see what I can come up with here..

I had to break down and use a smaller paper clip for the blog one because I ran out of the larger clips.. but that's ok.. still use-able.  And....

I love those cute lil cupcake ones.. Too cute.. I'm sure by now you have come up with a load of ideas that you can use for planner clips. I will def make some more I know.. lol.. Here they are all together

That was sooo much fun! I hope you enjoyed my blog post for today. I just got inspired and had to share.. How do you decorate your planner? Do you ever get ideas from YouTube and other social media platforms? I know I do.. Here is one last pic.. And it's of my planner with some of the cute clips in it.. Let's see what it looks like now that we have taken the time to make all of those..

I think it turned out pretty good.. Well time to go for a while.. it's 11pm where I live. Hope you guys enjoyed a peek into my planner.. And just a few ideas for some cute stuff that you can make for your planner.. That was fun.. Till next time..