Friday, April 22, 2016

My Review of "Money For Women" #promotion

*I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I will always, 100% tell the truth about any product that I review.. Whether good or bad.. This is my honest opinion..

Todays post is a review of an awesome book that I was lucky enough to apply for and be approved. "Money for Women" by Tami Yaari.. #promotion. It's more than just a book about money. This book will change the way you look at money.. And will change the way you look at yourself!

Since I am so into "self-help" books and am always looking for ways to better myself personally & financially, this book was right up my alley!  This book was not what I expected, but in a GOOD way.. Far from any of the "money or financial" books that I have read time and time again.. This book actually made me think about money in a different way..

Ms. Yaari takes you on a trip inside your mind.. Opens your mind to and helps you to get rid of the negative thoughts that are "blocking" you from reaching your financial goals. I even took notes and did all the exercises that she has graciously provided within the book.

She made me look at money in a whole new light! Here I have always been looking at money as something that was hard to attain, unreachable sometimes even.. Something that you had to work so hard for sometimes.. And even then sometimes your work isn't hard enough.. How many hours do we all slave away at a shift job? Are we doing what we love to do in exchange for all that hard earned money that we receive come payday?? Are we having fun in LIFE? See, in just re-reading those few sentences that I just wrote.. I can see the negative way that I have become accustomed to thinking in regards to MONEY!!

Ms. Yaari has a wonderful way of getting to the heart of the matter.. Don't we all want more money? Why is that? Well for me, it's so that I can be more financially stable.. I want more money to buy a nice home.. Why do I want a nice home? So that I will feel secure in knowing that, that home is mine and no one can kick me out or make me leave!! I want more money to invest in my blog? Why is that? So that I can learn more and be more skillful at what I love to do..

What I feel that she is really trying to point out, is what are the reasons or need that we have that money can fill? Or what void can more money fill, if you will... She makes you think.. And really helps you to cut down on the negative thoughts.. And to retrain your brain to KNOW that you are capable of so much more than what you give yourself credit for..

She teaches women that it's ok to want to make more money. She teaches them not to feel bad about the concept of being business women. And also she teaches women the process of how our subconscious thoughts impact our financial situations (that was the "AHA moment for me.)

Taken from the book, " If you focus on creating inner change, instead of holding onto the idea that money is limiting you, you will suddenly find yourself saying the wonderful sentence: I never believed it was possible, but here, it happened to me. 
And I, myself, created it."

 You will find out the "why" you need/want more money.. And get to the core of the excuses that are holding you back. Another quote from the book "Your feelings toward money itself needs to be a JOYOUS feeling."

She really urges you to take RESPONSIBLITY for yourself.. Stop limiting yourself and listen to that voice inside you that tells you "you can succeed."  Do you have hopes & dreams? Then GO FOR IT!! Don't doubt yourself.. You can do anything that you hope and dream.. Have confidence in that inner YOU.. and let yourself SHINE for the world to see!!

I really enjoyed reading this book.. It has opened my eyes & mind up to a whole new way of thinking about money in general.. I feel like I have always struggled in life financially speaking.. I have always worked for a living. Endless hours here and there at unforgiving jobs.. I have given up time with my family and loved ones.. missed holidays, etc.. As i'm sure some, if not most of you have..

I really urge you, if you are like me, and are tired of the struggle and the seemingly endless hours of working so hard for your money, to pick up this book. (You can buy the paperback HERE on Amazon or if you would rather read it on your Kindle, then you will have to wait until May..)  I really think that our thoughts and how we view the world, really has a lot to do with our financial well being..

 We are energy.. And what we put out into the world will come back to us.. So, are you putting out positivity or negativity?

 For me, for years I was this unbelievably negative person.. I had such a negative view of my surroundings, situations, life experiences, etc.. But (here come the excuses) I always credit that with having to grow up so fast.. Having to be a mom before I was ready to.. And having to face "life" and work myself to the bone way before my time..

 But I think, as you get older.. you start to look inside yourself.. you start to look for meaning to your life.. you WANT to find meaning and fulfillment to your life.. Maybe that's why this book resonates with me so much.. because everything that she is saying to me/us in the book, really makes my spirit say a resounding "YES".. This is the way life is supposed to be.. This is how I draw closer to ME! This is ME...

So for me, this was MORE than just a review of a book.. This is a tool that I can use to help me bring out the best part of ME.. To not give into the negative lil voice I sometimes hear in my head. The one that is full of self doubt.. To let the real ME shine.. The person that I really have become.. The me that is self confident and KNOWS that I can do what I put my mind, heart & soul to.. But it takes ACTION, not excuses.. And that is why I am glad that I have this book, to help remind me of that!! To read and re-read until I do take ACTION!! And to remind me that I love myself and the person I have become.. And LIFE is beautiful and full of endless possibilities..

Thank you for taking the time to read this.. And I really hope you get out of the book all if not MORE than I have.. Again, here is the link to where you can get your own copy of this wonderful, magical book  #promotion

As Always,