Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Review of Art To Frames PinPix 30x20 Bulletin Board #bulletinboard

Hey yall!! It's Amy here with another awesome product review!! This time it's on a 30x20 PinPix Bulletin Board by Arts To Frames (#bulletinboard)!! I am so excited to do this review.. This lil baby came in at just the right time in my life.. 


* I received this product at a deep discount in exchange for my honest review! I will always 100% tell the truth no matter whether good or bad.. With that being said let's get on with the review..

What can I say but WOW!! Boy did I have a surprise waiting for me when I got home from work this morning!! I knew that my package was due anytime. And I had been patiently waiting on it to arrive via Amazon. Well I had to go to work yesterday evening at 6pm..  As soon as I got to the top of the hill of my road to pull out, there came the UPS guy!!! I was like oh my gosh!!! There's my package!!! Of course I was dying to see it, but had to go on to work and WAIT (urgh!) until I got home before I could open it! It was safe to say, the suspense was killing me!! (even tho I knew by pictures what it was going to look like, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it  lol)

Here is a pic of it before I tore into it!! lol 

They really did a great job of making sure that my package was going to arrive intact!! Great job on the packaging guys!!

 I really, really like this product.. It is of great quality.. And not just that, it's PRETTY!! Love, love, love it!! Also love the fact that it is in a beautiful black frame!!  If you read my last post, then you know that I am getting ready to build a new "Vision Board", and I do believe that this bulletin board is going to work out perfectly for my new Vision Board!!! (plus I didn't realize it at the time of ordering it, but it matches my bedroom comforter, curtains and everything perfectly.. it's the same color as my blanket!!.. that was a big plus)

A lil about the product:  *PinPix is a canvas bulletin board created with self-healing technology.. Which basically means.. You use push-pins or whatever that you normally use to stick your stuff up on your bulletin board with,   then within 48 hours of removing the push-pin- the "hole" from the prick *repairs* itself!! How cool is that???  So you can use this baby over and over again!!! I really really like the idea of that.. A self-healing bulletin board!! How COOL!!! :)

(The above pic is a pic of me jerking my old vision board off my wall & getting ready to replace it with the new more sophisticated bulletin board by Arts To Frames)
They even sent me a package of Push-Pins for it, so that I could use it right away!! How cool is that!! Plus a $10 off coupon for the next time I order!! Which I know I will be using!!

And the back of the push-pin box that tells more about their products.. I love the fact that it is self healing!! That is just cool to me for some reason!

And here is my $10 off coupon!! Love, love, love that!!

As you can probably tell, I am really excited about my new bulletin board!! And I really love being able to do product reviews on products that I can stand behind 100%.. And this is really one of those products! :) 

If you like this product and would like to get one for yourself or someone you love.. Here is the link where you can get one just like mine.. (HERE).. I really think you will like this product.. I know I do.. I am so excited to build my new vision board using this beautiful new *PinPix board.. Like I said  this product came at just the right time in my life!!
Here it is on my wall.. Still have to finish filling it in to make it my new VISION BOARD!! Whatcha' think so far?? I am lovin' it!!

So, what do you think of my new bulletin board?? Isn't it PRETTY?? I think it will make the perfect Vision Board..

This time with my vision board, I am really going to get specific.. And post pictures of specific things that I want to happen in my life.. Well like you know, an obvious one is, I want to be a successful blogger!! I mean what blogger doesn't, ya know??

  I would also like to have a nice comfortable home.. So I am going to find a pic of a home that I would like and post that on my vision board.. Things like that.. A home, car, successful career, etc... That along with some very positive affirmations to look at every single day, I think will keep me focused on my GOALS IN LIFE!!! And keep me moving forward!!!! And with the help of this lovely bulletin board via My Vision Board, I think that it's really going to help me..

Well I guess that will be all for this post!! I really hope you enjoyed my review of this awesome product!! If you would like one just like mine or similar (maybe a different color?), remember to go to (HERE) and grab ya one!!!

You know that you can use this awesome #bulletinboard  for more than just a vision board.. you can hang it anywhere in your house and post family pics, to do's, positive affirmations, post-it notes, love letters, kid's pictures they have colored just for mom or dad!!! Or whatever you want to use it for.. I have just decided that I am going to use mine for my new Vision Board!!! I have been looking forward to making me a new one now that I am studying the Law of Attraction!! It just made sense to me, ya know..

 Ok guys.. I hope yall have a great day today!!! Remember to focus on the positive, let that negative stuff go!!! You don't need it and you def don't need to be around it!!! Stay positive, stay happy, focus on loving yourself & others!!! And have a great day full of peace & joy!! And stay tuned for my next blog post, so that you can see how my Vision Board turned out!! Ya know you want to.. lol!!

As always,