Friday, May 6, 2016

You Are Never Too Old To Start Over

Hey guys! I hope you are having a wonderful day so far.. Today's post is about "Do-Over's".. YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD OR TOO YOUNG TO START OVER.. Wherever you are in your life.. Stop & reflect... Are you happy? Are you at peace with who you are??

I don't know if it's where I am getting older (41) or what it is about this stage in my life, but I have been thinking about LIFE lately.. About my health, my well-being, and just my overall peace within myself..

I think a lot of this mindfulness can be attributed to my research into the Law Of Attraction.. It has made me a more intentional person and very mindful of what I say and do.. (my actions)

I have been setting goals for myself.. And just generally LOOKING at ME.. The inner me & outer me.. I have been learning how to meditate.. I am looking at my food choices.. It really has opened my eyes to how unhealthy I have been living.. But that is going to change..

I am working on some daily habits to get myself back on track.. To get healthy again.. To be more mindful of the choices I make on a daily basis..

Here are some examples of what I am hoping to improve on..
1. Food choices
2. My actions
3. My reactions
4. learning
5. knowledge
6. peace
7. gratitude

Food Choices:  Here I have a lot of work to do.. If you work third shift like I do, then more than likely you know what I mean when I talk about food choices.. I have really got to start watching what I put into my body.. I am not a healthy eater by no means.. but I am hoping to change that within the months to come.. Working third shift it's hard to eat right.. Plus my internal clock is all messed up.. I work from 6pm-6am.. So I am sleeping most of the day away and am awake at all odd hours of the night.. I even do this on my days off. So I would really like to find a PLAN that will work for me.. I have got to start eating healthier.. I am so lethargic most of the time here lately.. And I do contribute that to the way I work.. Plus my food choices..

My Actions: I want to be a better ME!! And that means that I am going to start watching my compassion towards others, my empathy towards others.. etc.. I want to be a compassionate person.. I don't want to be a selfish person only thinking of myself.. Meditation I think is really going to help me with this part of my life.. It really focuses on finding the person that you really are.. That inner you that no one knows but you..

My Reactions:  lol.. I want to start watching how I react to other people.. Especially at work.. I have worked on my temper for the longest time now, and although I am getting better in that regard.. Sometimes stress from work leads me to be impatient. And that is something that I really want to work on, is my patience with other people.. My knee-jerk reaction to what other people say or act toward me.. I am really going to start NOT LETTING other people's actions get a reaction out of me.. That is their problem, and I am not going to make it mine..

Learning: I want to learn as much as I possibly can while I am on this Earth.. I want to be smarter.. I love to learn how to do new things.. And I want to learn more to better myself.. Physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.. I will accomplish this goal.. It might take me the rest of my life to do it, but I will enjoy myself as I go..  Using my vision board to clear my mind & really focus in on what I want from life will help I think..

Knowledge: I would love to learn about different cultures in different countries.. Not just the USA.. But to really learn how other people live, etc..

Peace: I am looking for peace in my life.. As is most people.. I want to learn to be happy with ME.. I am, for the most part happy with myself.. I do love myself.. I think we all are searching for peace in our life for the most part.. Will we ever find it?? Yes I think we will.. I want to be happy where I am at this stage in my life.. Financially, mentally, emotionally and physically..

Gratitude: Being grateful for what I do have is something that I want to acknowledge each & every day.. So starting a gratitude journal & actually writing in it every day I think will help me to be a more grateful person.. And that is something that I really want to work on.. Here is my gratitude journal entry for today..

And you know what?? Life is beautiful!! It really is.. Sure there are parts of it that are dark & sad.. But we have to find the LIGHT in every situation.. God is good! I am learning to love me & this life.. But I know that I can be a more grateful, caring human being.. And that is my number 1 GOAL!!

What do you do to find inner peace & strength? Do you love yourself? Are you a compassionate person? What areas are you working on or do you think you need to work on? I would love to hear your comments on this post.. I know I have a lot of inner work to do on myself.. But I am acknowledging that! Taking responsibility for me!! And learning to love me more each & every day.. When you can learn to look at yourself & love that person that is in the mirror.. Then, I think that you can give more of yourself freely! And more willingly!

I hope you enjoyed my post for today.. Really is something that I was just thinking about.. And I really am learning how to be a better me.. Meditation is really opening my mind to how beautiful life really is!! I have so much love for the world down inside of me.. I just want that to reflect when I look at myself in the mirror each day.. I want the world to see my light shine.. Just like God wants us all to shine for HIM!!!

As always,