Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just a Lil Post to Say HI!!

Hey guys! I hope you are having a great week this week!! It's almost Trick or Treat Time!!

So, where to start?? I have had a lot of changes in my life the past few months.. If you have read my blog at all, then you know that my boyfriend passed away in May.. Since then my life has been kinda crazy.. All kinds of emo's going on within me... Trying to stay busy with work so I don't think about a lot of things..

I moved back to my hometown to be around my family... And that has really helped to bring me out of my funk.. I'm so glad to be back around family and friends, instead of being by myself like I was..

I have missed my blog and blogging, but really have not been in a good mind-set to post anything lately.. I really want to get back into the swing of things.. And pop out some good posts again.. Especially stuff to do with our planners, time management and making it work while working THIRD SHIFT!! lol.. Sometimes it's hard to have a normal life when you work the graveyard shift..

I am so glad to be back in the country also.. Where I was living previously, we were within walking distance of everything.. Here I am back in Nature!! And so glad of it.. I will post some pics down below of the beautiful scenery around here! I was sitting out on the porch this morning, drinking my coffee and just looking around at all that God has made.. It really puts my small problems on the back burner.. And makes you realize just how tiny we are in this great big ole world we live in.. Life is beautiful.. Even thru the sadness of death, there is always something to learn, to love more, to be more grateful for, etc.. We are just a tiny spec in this great universe that we live in..

It is very hard "for me" to keep a positive mindset sometimes.. I am trying my best to keep staying positive no matter what is going on around me, but it's hard.. I try to use Affirmations.. but got out of that habit.. I tried to meditate, but haven't been doing much of that lately either.. What do you do to stay positive??? I need some inspiration..

Anyways, this is just a quick lil post to say hi to everybody that might be reading this.. To get my butt back in to my blogging.. And ask "WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE???" Is there anything that I can help you with?? I really would love to be of help to someone else.. Helping others as much as I can makes me feel so much better about myself.. And it gives me purpose in this life.. Maybe that's why I work at an Assisted Living Facility... (ya think?? lol) 

Anyhoo,, here's some quick pics of the beautiful country in East Tenn ....

It's so beautiful out this time of year. A great time to get back to nature and meditate and hopefully come away with a more positive mindset... I hope you enjoyed this lil post.. I just wanted to catch up with everyone!!


As always,