Sunday, November 29, 2015

Some Cute Stickers for my Happy Planner

Hey just wanted to post some cute stickers I just printed off for my "Happy Planner".. Of course I got these FREE off the internet.. went to Pinterest and typed in Happy Planner Stickers..

I am very pleased with the results and can't wait to start using them in my planner.. I will link the pages so that the designer gets the credit of course..
These first one's are for an Erin Condren.. They are beautiful pics and quotes.. But I decided to try them in my Happy Planner.. See what you think... HERE  is where can get the download free and it also credits where I got mine from.. it is from Get S'Moore   (THANKS!)

sorry its sideways.. lol.. And here is the next one I got.. I only made like 1 copy each, but will definitely be going back to get more.. I love Pinterest... So many great ideas.. So little time.. lol.. The next one I got from Felly Bee and you can get yours HERE .. Here is my pic of what it will look like.. oh I love it.. so cute..
And there are oodles more on Pinterest for Free.. Thank you to the above Blogs for being so generous to post these for us planner and sticker lovers out there!!! I can't wait to start using them in my "Happy Planner".. Hope you enjoy these....                            Tootles,

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Days are here with my new "Happy Planner"

Hi gang.. Just had to let yall know I got my "Happy Planner" by MAMBI (me and my big ideas) today in the mail.. Oh I love it. It is so pretty!!!!

I got it off of  Blitsy (my referral link) .. for a grand total of.....$15.94.. Can you believe that price?? I think that is way better than paying $50 for most planners.. If you are a new customer to blitsy you are supposed to get $10 off your first purchase.. that is how I got mine so cheap.. It was originally $19.99 minus $10 new customer discount then add $5.95 for shipping.. = $15.94... you cannot beat that price.. Here is a quick pic.. I will load more pics of the inside later.. I'm so happy with it.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Cool Biz Workbook

Hi all.. How are yall doing today? Me, i'm making it I suppose.. of course I am awake and up moving around and it is 1:45am my time (east TN time)... You know how it is if you work 3rd shift.. lol

Anyways, I have been looking at all kinds of fascinating blogs that have really given me so much inspiration.. One of my favorite blogs (well hers is a multi-million dollar business) is by a woman that I just found.. her name is Leonie Dawson.. She is in Australia.. Oh she is so INSPIRING.. I just love reading her blog, watching her videos.. I could spend hours there..

Well she has a free workbook that you can download off and print.. I downloaded mine, but have yet to print it.. It's a "Free Biz and Blog Star Workbook".. So far I am really enjoying it.. It is very inspiring to me and I thought that maybe someone out there that might, just might be reading this blog would like to have it also.. I will post the link HERE . To get it free all you have to do is give your email..

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Even if you don't have your own blog or maybe you are thinking about making your own blog.. I think you will enjoy Leonie.. She is such a free spirit and beautiful person.. I wish I would have found her years ago..

She has lots to offer this world. I wish I was as creative as her.. she is just a person that I think everyone can relate to.. She is offering Life Planners, and Biz Planners.. And also a Biz Academy.. I can't join her academy as of yet, because I can't afford it.. But maybe you can..

Just wanted to share.. And I hope you enjoy her as much as I do..
If you have known about Leonie and use her products, how have they helped you?
I hope you have a wonderful day today and wish you nothing but joy and happiness!! Lot's of Love sent your way.........     Amy

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I got my YERDLE package today!!

Hi yall.. I ordered some uniforms for work thru Yerdle and they came today.. Oh and I love them.. They are in great shape.. And the best part is I only had to pay $2 for the shipping..

I got 3 whole sets (tops and bottoms) and 1 scrub top.. they are pretty too.. :)

Here's some quick pics..

I am very happy with them.. If you haven't checked out Yerdle yet.. You really should.. If you are not into buying used things.. There are items on there that are still in the packages brand new also.. It doesn't bother me to buy gently used items.. As long as they are in good shape and not nasty.. It really helps fill my need for wanting to shop when I am supposed to be on a BUDGET!! And I really needed a change up on my scrubs.. I have been like wearing the same 5 scrub sets for WAY TOO LONG now!!! lol.. so I am so glad I found these on there.. Only had to shell out 40 YERDLE dollars.. which is just like points.. and $2 whole whopping dollars for the shipping.. I am HAPPY with my purchase.. Is anyone else out there using YERDLE?  If you are holla at me in the comments..

Ok well gotta run.. My daughter is coming to see me.. Have a great day everybody!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bringing back the old to give me some INSPIRATION

I just found one of the many binders that I went printable crazy with a couple years back.. As I sat there going thru it, I was amazed at how much info that I had saved.. And I am so glad I did because it has given me INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION to get myself back on a routine.. And start tracking my finances, start getting more organized.. It has made me want to get up off my butt and CLEAN!!!  I so need too.. Third Shift BLOWS CHUNKS sometimes.. Anyways, I thought I would share with you a few pics of my cute Binder that I made.. any and all printables that I show you I will reference..                    This is the cover of my binder(it was supposed to be a budget binder, but as you will see I got carried away and put all kinds of stuff in it...teehee) This was from 2014 and it is from JUST A GIRL AND HER BLOG    ain't it purty!!!   :)

 The next  page (pic) is a weekly cleaning schedule that is blank and you fill in.. I put mine in a clear plastic insert.. it's lovely on cardstock too makes it more durable.. I got this one from SUPER MOM CHALLENGED   if you want this one, you will probably have to look in her archives or type it in her search bar to find it..
 This one is a daily TO-DO list also from Super Mom Challenged...
 This one below is a cleaning-organizing calendar...It is filled in for you.. It is from CLEAN MAMA .. This printable that I have here is from 2013.. But I didn't know it but she has updated her site!!! And now has THIS MONTH of NOV. 2015 up.. you can get some really great printables there you guys.. oh you will love them.. please go check her out.. I am going to have to get back on my  This one I can't remember where I got it.. But I did come up with the idea to add visuals to it by cutting out my favorite articles and putting with it. Most of the articles came from HGTV.. always great tips on there..
This one I just printed out and took some colorful markers and filled in stuff that INSPIRED me at the time.. I love looking over these old LISTS.. because they INSPIRED ME THEN and they are INSPIRING ME NOW..
the one above is just an article about turning your clutter into cash.. I was trying to teach myself how to be better with money..
I LOVE THESE CUTE LIL PRINTABLES I FOUND AT   I printed them on cardstock and then stuck them in an insert.. love love love them.. or you could put them in a frame in your kitchen.. that would be very CUTE also..
  JUST SOME RANDOM IDEAS and PICS I thought I would share with you.. there are so many great BLOGS online.. not enough time in the day for me to go thru all the one's that I love.. that's why blogging is so cool.. you can share so much with everyone out there.. I hope you enjoyed my pics for today.. maybe later I will post some more to help give you some ideas to put in your planner or binder.. This was when I was making homemade binders because I couldn't afford the FILOFAX or the ERIN CONDREN.. well I still can't.. the only reason why I ordered the HAPPY PLANNER was because I got it on sale on 
anyways I am rambling again.. gotta run.. and get some stuff done before work.. I will update you in the morning when I get home.. have a great day yall!!!

Some Cool Organizing Printables

Hey yall.. Long time, no see.. Been busy with work and other things on this end.. Ok I have found some cool printables and blogs that I thought I would share with yall.. I am going to incorporate these in my everyday use and try to get my butt on some kind of routine..

I found these on pinterest.. They are saved in my pins HERE  

If you are in need of a 2016 calendar I would check out  Just A Girl And Her Blog. I printed mine out today, they are so beautiful and colorful.. too bad I didn't have color ink today.. so I had to print mine in grayscale.. but they will still get the job done.. and when I get some more ink, I can always go back and print again if still available.. Here is a pic of mine.. I hope you can see it ok

The next one I printed was from Me and My Big Ideas.. It's a free printable for the Happy Planner that I just ordered and am waiting on.. Another one that is beautiful, but my pic will not do it justice.. You will see what I mean when you go to her blog.. Color really does make it POP... But with that said here is a pic of mine  These are sidebar columns for the Happy Planner.. I'm sure you could use it in any planner...

And the MOTHER of them all was found on Blooming Homestead  She has graciously provided a whole Free Printable Kit to make your own Home Organizational Binder.. There were 28pages in all. My printer started acting up on me so I printed the cover sheet to show you.. But like I said it really doesn't do it justice until you see it in color on HER page.. So def make sure you check out her blog.. I love it.. I wish I was that talented to make my own printables.. one of these days I will.. ok here is the pic of the cover
So very pretty and FREE.. So those are just 3 examples of some of the great blogs that are out there.. That are so generous and offer wonderful products and their valuable tips and tricks to help us all out.. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do..
What are some of your favorite organizing/cleaning blogs that help keep you on track or motivated? Drop me a line in the comments, I am always on the lookout for new blogs to follow...
PS.. I have a ton of free printables on my pinterest page HERE  They are under my board titled "Pretty Printables"  Some of them might be out of date, but there are oodles to see and print that I am sure you will love...
 Ok that is it for now.. I will be following this post with a post showing you some of my cool printables in a binder I created and used last year/year before.. I just found it again.. and it is chock full of awesome articles, printables, you name.. things that I am happily reading and going over again to give me some MOTIVATION!! You know me and the PROCRASTINATOR that I am.. I really am.. I can't wait to get my HAPPY PLANNER and put it to use.. When I get it I will post a pic.. cannot wait.. ok tata for now!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Life Of a Third Shift Worker

Hello all.. It's been a few days since I have posted.. Sorry about that.. I have been off the last two days.. I am trying to catch up before I have to go back to work tomorrow..

Working this shift is very tiring. The first day I am off, all I want to do is sleep seems like.. I get off at 6am.. so I try to come straight home and go to sleep but it never happens.. it usually takes me about an hour to unwind from work.. Then once I do go to sleep I sleep forever.. I am so lethargic when I do wake up that I don't feel like doing anything.. so that first day off I literally do NOTHING.. except veg out, lay around, eat, and just feel like a zombie..

Today is my 2nd day off.. And of course last night I was wide awake from 3am on.. So now it's 2pm and I still haven't accomplished anything.. I have got to get in some kind of routine.. this is like a total life-suck..

I know, I know, enough whining and just do something about it.. I am really going to work on it.. my to-do list is so huge.. urgh!! but I will get some kind of something done today if it's just getting my uniforms washed up for work tomorrow..

Anybody out there work 3rd shift like I do? And if you do, how many hours do you work a night.. I work 12.. it's really starting to bring me down too.. I have been doing online searches for ways to make extra money from home.. but are there really any legit ways to make extra?

That would be nice, because what I am getting paid right now just isn't cutting it.. I need something part time to go with my full time to get ahead.. that's bad.. anyways, I will try my best to put up some pics later.. I just really am so dis-organized today.. Thanks for reading.. and hope everybody is having a great day  :)     love, Amy