Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bringing back the old to give me some INSPIRATION

I just found one of the many binders that I went printable crazy with a couple years back.. As I sat there going thru it, I was amazed at how much info that I had saved.. And I am so glad I did because it has given me INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION to get myself back on a routine.. And start tracking my finances, start getting more organized.. It has made me want to get up off my butt and CLEAN!!!  I so need too.. Third Shift BLOWS CHUNKS sometimes.. Anyways, I thought I would share with you a few pics of my cute Binder that I made.. any and all printables that I show you I will reference..                    This is the cover of my binder(it was supposed to be a budget binder, but as you will see I got carried away and put all kinds of stuff in it...teehee) This was from 2014 and it is from JUST A GIRL AND HER BLOG    ain't it purty!!!   :)

 The next  page (pic) is a weekly cleaning schedule that is blank and you fill in.. I put mine in a clear plastic insert.. it's lovely on cardstock too makes it more durable.. I got this one from SUPER MOM CHALLENGED   if you want this one, you will probably have to look in her archives or type it in her search bar to find it..
 This one is a daily TO-DO list also from Super Mom Challenged...
 This one below is a cleaning-organizing calendar...It is filled in for you.. It is from CLEAN MAMA .. This printable that I have here is from 2013.. But I didn't know it but she has updated her site!!! And now has THIS MONTH of NOV. 2015 up.. you can get some really great printables there you guys.. oh you will love them.. please go check her out.. I am going to have to get back on my  This one I can't remember where I got it.. But I did come up with the idea to add visuals to it by cutting out my favorite articles and putting with it. Most of the articles came from HGTV.. always great tips on there..
This one I just printed out and took some colorful markers and filled in stuff that INSPIRED me at the time.. I love looking over these old LISTS.. because they INSPIRED ME THEN and they are INSPIRING ME NOW..
the one above is just an article about turning your clutter into cash.. I was trying to teach myself how to be better with money..
I LOVE THESE CUTE LIL PRINTABLES I FOUND AT   I printed them on cardstock and then stuck them in an insert.. love love love them.. or you could put them in a frame in your kitchen.. that would be very CUTE also..
  JUST SOME RANDOM IDEAS and PICS I thought I would share with you.. there are so many great BLOGS online.. not enough time in the day for me to go thru all the one's that I love.. that's why blogging is so cool.. you can share so much with everyone out there.. I hope you enjoyed my pics for today.. maybe later I will post some more to help give you some ideas to put in your planner or binder.. This was when I was making homemade binders because I couldn't afford the FILOFAX or the ERIN CONDREN.. well I still can't.. the only reason why I ordered the HAPPY PLANNER was because I got it on sale on 
anyways I am rambling again.. gotta run.. and get some stuff done before work.. I will update you in the morning when I get home.. have a great day yall!!!