Saturday, November 14, 2015

I got my YERDLE package today!!

Hi yall.. I ordered some uniforms for work thru Yerdle and they came today.. Oh and I love them.. They are in great shape.. And the best part is I only had to pay $2 for the shipping..

I got 3 whole sets (tops and bottoms) and 1 scrub top.. they are pretty too.. :)

Here's some quick pics..

I am very happy with them.. If you haven't checked out Yerdle yet.. You really should.. If you are not into buying used things.. There are items on there that are still in the packages brand new also.. It doesn't bother me to buy gently used items.. As long as they are in good shape and not nasty.. It really helps fill my need for wanting to shop when I am supposed to be on a BUDGET!! And I really needed a change up on my scrubs.. I have been like wearing the same 5 scrub sets for WAY TOO LONG now!!! lol.. so I am so glad I found these on there.. Only had to shell out 40 YERDLE dollars.. which is just like points.. and $2 whole whopping dollars for the shipping.. I am HAPPY with my purchase.. Is anyone else out there using YERDLE?  If you are holla at me in the comments..

Ok well gotta run.. My daughter is coming to see me.. Have a great day everybody!!!