Thursday, November 5, 2015

Life Of a Third Shift Worker

Hello all.. It's been a few days since I have posted.. Sorry about that.. I have been off the last two days.. I am trying to catch up before I have to go back to work tomorrow..

Working this shift is very tiring. The first day I am off, all I want to do is sleep seems like.. I get off at 6am.. so I try to come straight home and go to sleep but it never happens.. it usually takes me about an hour to unwind from work.. Then once I do go to sleep I sleep forever.. I am so lethargic when I do wake up that I don't feel like doing anything.. so that first day off I literally do NOTHING.. except veg out, lay around, eat, and just feel like a zombie..

Today is my 2nd day off.. And of course last night I was wide awake from 3am on.. So now it's 2pm and I still haven't accomplished anything.. I have got to get in some kind of routine.. this is like a total life-suck..

I know, I know, enough whining and just do something about it.. I am really going to work on it.. my to-do list is so huge.. urgh!! but I will get some kind of something done today if it's just getting my uniforms washed up for work tomorrow..

Anybody out there work 3rd shift like I do? And if you do, how many hours do you work a night.. I work 12.. it's really starting to bring me down too.. I have been doing online searches for ways to make extra money from home.. but are there really any legit ways to make extra?

That would be nice, because what I am getting paid right now just isn't cutting it.. I need something part time to go with my full time to get ahead.. that's bad.. anyways, I will try my best to put up some pics later.. I just really am so dis-organized today.. Thanks for reading.. and hope everybody is having a great day  :)     love, Amy