Friday, March 4, 2016

My New Daily Routine for Third Shift Workers

My New Daily Routine for Third Shift Workers.. Hey guys.. I have been trying to come up with a new routine for me, since I work third shift, to help get and KEEP my house clean and organized!! I am sick of looking at this mess.. And it is TIME to get this under control..

I have let things pile up for way too long.. I hate looking around me or even going into another room of my house, except for my bedroom where it stays somewhat organized.. I can sit here and tell you all day long all of my list of excuses for the shape that my home has gotten into, I know a lot of it has to do with working 12 hour shifts..

 Most of the time I am so tired after working, that I just want to go straight to the bed and forget everything until time to go back to work.. But all excuses aside.. I am a PROCRASTINATOR!!! As much as I love planners, and the thought of organizing, and time management stuff.. My main hurdle is procrastination.. And I WILL learn to START DOING, instead of just making plans to do.. While I am sitting here making plans, I could have had so much DONE ALREADY!!!.. Have you ever felt like that or been in that situation?

Well, let's get out of this procrastination mode, and get our LIVES and HOMES organized!! Shall we? 

The first thing I decided to do was THINK "ok, what time do I get home in the mornings?".. I basically went thru each step as I would be taking them and typed them up and printed it out.. I used Excel and just sat here and figured up how much time it was going to take me to do small tasks each day until I can get this house looking the way I want it..

Here is my example.. You can go by mine to get you started if you want and then change yours accordingly.. (Sorry this is a MESS, but I was trying to hurry and type this up, so I could get on the house.. lol) 

*GET HOME 6:30am : shoes off, work stuff put up, wash makeup off

*SWIPE DOWN KITCHEN : put on coffee, wash any dishes, swipe down counters

*BATHROOM : put cleaner in toilet, wipe down counters, check trash, sweep if need, start load
                            laundry, swish toilet..

*GRAB COFFEE : head to bedroom

*BEDROOM:        tan, blog stuff, check email, set alarm for 1-2pm, SLEEP

*WAKE UP:          drink your water to get metabolism going, make bed, layout work stuff,
                               general pickup

*LIVING ROOM:  dust coffee table, vacuum as needed, straiten up

*SPOT CHECK KITCHEN:  layout supper, put on coffee

*SHOWER:            get ready for work early, put clothes in dryer

*SUPPER:              optional, I usually eat at work

*B4 WORK:           spend some time checking email, snail mail, working on blog & social media

*LEAVE FOR WORK 5:15PM:    have to be there by 6pm, but this gives me time to stop at store
                                                        if I need gas or whatever..



If you would like to have a free to do list to write out your own routine here is a link to the site that I use the most, just for to do lists, planner pages, etc.. whatever I need..
pic from
The link to get that FREE printable is HERE... it's a free pdf from PRINTABLE TO DO LIST.COM.. They have a million bazillion FREE printables for everything under the sun... they are awesome.. and I will sing their praises FOREVER AND EVER!!! You don't EVEN know how many Home Management Binder printables I have downloaded off of there site.. lol..

One of these days soon I will learn to make my own printables that I can share with you guys.. I have picmonkey, but I think I am just over-thinking the process.. Until that day, I will not bore you with my amateurish printables.. lol.. Only the BEST for my readers.. Anyhoo, I hope you guys enjoyed this day in the life of a 3rd shift worker.. This is HOW it's gonna BE FROM NOW ON ANYWAYS..

So, with all that being said, let me hear from you.. How do you keep your homes so nice and organized?? Am I the only disorganized wannabe organized person out there? lol.. I love the thought of being so organized and everything in it's place.. I am even subbed to the FlyLady for pete's sake.. I really need for this to WORK.. if not, i'm gonna start screaming and pulling my hair out.. Cuz my bf isn't gonna help me keep this place nice and neat.. It's up to ME!!! and ME alone... It's gotta be done yall.. Well enough whining for one day.. I really hope yall are doing good.. Thank you for letting me rant and go on about my disorganization.. Come back and hang out with me..

As always,