Sunday, March 6, 2016

New ELF Items and More

Hey yall! Just wanted to share with you my new Elf items that came in the mail yesterday!!! I love ELF products.. They have an amazing selection of AWESOME beauty products.. I especially love getting there makeup brushes..

So, here are the new things that came in the mail yesterday that I ordered.. I ordered the Perfect Finish HD Powder.. I constantly order this.. It is the perfect translucent powder.. It keeps my makeup on all day.. Even when I am working and sweating.. My makeup doesn't budge.. I love this stuff and it's only $6.. Can't beat that price.. Here is a pic and the link to it, if you would like to order YOU some.. And no I am not an affiliate to Elf.. Maybe one day I will be tho.. but for now, I just share the things I get thru them because that is HOW MUCH I LOVE ELF!!! anyhoo, here is the pic of the powder 

And I also got the Elf Wrinkle Refiner, to fill in the lines on my face.. Haven't tried this yet.. so I hope it works good.. I love wearing makeup, but I am getting at that age where every line and crease shows in my face like BAD!! So let's hope this stuff works good.. Here's what it looks like.. Always check your email after you order anything online thru Elf because most of the time you will get a special promo deal to get something free. And I got that free Elf Sculpting brush for ordering anything.. So that was AWESOME..
Here is the link for the HD Powder that I LOVE here and also the link to the wrinkle refiner is
here .... The Wrinkle Refiner was only $3.. So all in all I only spent $9 bucks plus got another Free Brush.. I love Elf Cosmetic Brushes.. They work great and you cannot beat there prices.. If you are low on Cash, you can do a filter search like I do sometimes by hitting filter and clicking the $1 box.. It will bring up everything that they have for sale for $1.. And actually there are quite a lot of nice things that you can get thru them for a buck!!
I have gotten so many AWESOME things thru Elf that I just had to share them with you guys.. Here are some pics of just "some" of the things that I have gotten thru Elf.. Sometimes I will go to my local Walmart and just pick them up there.. But most of the things that I have gotten, I have just ordered off of their website.. because I get a lot of promo codes from them thru the email that they send me. So always, always check your email after you order anything from them.. They are really good about sending  out  promo codes to get free stuff/ free shipping, etc, to get you to come back to their site and order more.. And guess what?? lol  It works!! Because I am always going back and ordering more from them.. Here's a few more pics of some of the makeup I gathered up to show yall!!

I have MORE than this, but I think my daughter snatched some of my brushes and put them in her makeup bag.. She thinks I wouldn't notice.. lol.. (Amber!!!)

Anyways, just wanted to share with you guys some of the things that I have gotten recently..

So, do you buy Elf products? What are some of your favorite things you have gotten from them?? Send me a comment and share.. If there is a product that you LOVE from Elf, let me in on it, so I can get it!!! lol.. I love makeup period.. not just Elf.. I love getting all different brands of makeup, but Elf is one that is very affordable.. I love high end makeup too, but I don't get to buy it as much as I would like, unfortunately..

I hope you are having a GREAT day today!!! It is so sunny and nice for a change, here in East Tennessee!! I am SOOOOO ready for SPRING!!! Time to get to spring cleaning and get out of this cold weather FUNK!!! lol.  Almost time to bring the shorts and flip-flops out.. Well sandals for me.. I'm not really a flip-flop kinda girl.. lol...

Talk to yall later!!!
As Always,