Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Product Review for a Cell Phone Holder Stand #cellphoneholderstand

Hi guys!! I just wanted to share with you an AWESOME item that I got sent for a review.. This thang is the BOMB DOT COM!! And that ain't no lie..

*I was offered this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review

I am LOVING this cell phone holder stand! This thing is AWESOME.. It let's you be handsfree, which being a blogger is awesome.. I can run my laptop plus my iPhone now at the same time.. I hooked my cell phone holder up to the headboard of my bed.. That way I have my laptop at my fingertips, and my iPhone right beside my head..

  And one of the really cool things about this cell phone holder is that it is bendable.. You can bend it, turn it, fix it anyway that is convenient for you!!
It comes with a iPhone/tablet stand also.. You can set it up at a desk, kitchen table, whatever!! This is awesome for watching movies, or youtube.. I know the kids are gonna love this thing!! I know I already do, and I've only had it for a week!!! But I have been putting this bad boy to work!!

I had to get my daughter to take these pics of me actually using the cell phone holder.. That is why my face is cut out.. lol.. Here is the link if you would like to order one for yourself https://amzshark.com/r/cellholderstand   I really love mine.. And am so glad that I got it.. Because it really does make things a lot more convenient.. Here are some close up pics of it so that you can get a better idea of what it is..

This is what it looks like without my iPhone in it.. See how bendable it is.. You can bend it any which way but loose!! And also the head of it (the clip) rotates to a 360 degree angle..

It has soft foam like thingys to protect your iPhone, GPS, Tablet whatever you use it for..

You can hook it to your bed, desk, use it in the kitchen, your car!! Wherever you can clamp it.. But no more thickness than 7cm/2.76".. So, it's pretty versatile..

Here is the cell phone stand.. Which I think is really neat.. This is great for watching movies or videos, playing games, etc.. I use it for watching Periscope and YouTube... Love catching videos of my fellow bloggers and seeing what they are up to..

This thing is just convenient and cool.. And I know you will like it.. I love mine.. They also come in different colors.. I just got plain black.. Figured it would go with anything that way!!

Well I hope you enjoyed my review of the #cellphoneholderstand  As always this is my honest opinion!! I would never give a good review of something if I really didn't like it.. I respect YOU my readers and I VALUE our friendship! This is one product that I truly like..

So, that is gonna do it for today!! I hope you guys are enjoying this spring-like weather!! I am so ready for winter to be OVER!!!

As always,