Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Free Stickers For My Happy Planner (Links included)

Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you some cute planner stickers that I found.. I printed them out to use in my Happy Planner of course.. I am now the proud owner of two Happy Planners.. One is for personal use.. The other for my Blog..

Here's a few pics of the stickers that I found.. And Thank You Beauty Holics Anonymous for being generous enough to make these for free so that everyone can print them out for their planners.. These are from her blog from last year.. But I actually found them via pinterest.. There are so many creative blogs out there.. And so little time to go thru everything that I want to go thru!!!

Anyways, here are the pics of the stickers that I printed off along with my planner.. And a cute little weekly to do card that I made from scrapbook paper..

If you are not sure how to print out stickers from the internet.. This is what I have learned. First, get you some Avery Shipping Labels or any kind of shipping labels I guess.. lol.. I just always use Avery.. Make sure they are the 8 1/2 by 11" size, so that you can print a whole page of stickers out.. Then you just have to cut them out and stick them in your planner..

This is the way that I do them.. I don't have a cricut or anything like that.. So I have just taught myself how to print them out.. Then in your printer settings I usually just make sure that it's on A4 for my planner size.. And it usually works out pretty good..

The kids love it when I print out stickers for them to use.. And there are so many options on Pinterest.. This is just for personal use.. If you are going to use them for any other kind of use, make sure that you contact the designer so that you don't get hit up with any copywrite infringements..

This is just to give you some ideas for stickers that you can print off yourself instead of having to buy them.. But I did get some gorgeous stickers that I ordered off of Blitsy just for my Happy Planner (they are made by MAMBI).. They were on sale and they are so gorgeous!!! They are gold foil stickers.. I got them to go with the Gold Dot Planner that I use to keep up with my blog.. Here they are.. And also some cute letter stickers that I got from Walmart yesterday for .97....

Anyways, just wanted to share with you guys what I am doing on this rainy Tuesday night!! lol.. I love my Happy Planner in case you haven't noticed by reading my blog.. I love the thought of actually planning out my days.. Sometimes I don't get all of my to do list done.. But even if I get just part of it done, I feel like I am accomplishing something..

Do you use a planner?  If so, what kind do you prefer? 

Well I guess that is it for tonight!!

As always,